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Too Faced Peaches and Cream

This has been one of the most exciting launches of the year, as far as I’m concerned, I adore Too Faced products! It’s just such a pretty, girlie brand, and that packaging! Then of course, there’s the scent, Too Faced products smell good enough to eat!

I ordered three items from the new Peaches and Cream collection from Sephora, I tweeted Debenhams to find out if they were going to stock it but they replied they were not. I know Selfridges also sell Too Faced but in the UK we always have to wait a couple of months at least before new products reach us, so I decided I’d just order it from the US instead.

I will be honest and tell you that I wanted all of this collection, the Primer, foundation, palette, Setting Spray, but in the end I settled for three items. I didn’t get the foundation as I’m not sure what shade to order, also there’s a Too Faced Boutique opening in Carnaby Street soon, so hopefully they’ll stock it and I can get matched. I’ve just been on the American site, it says the Peaches and Cream Collection will be available in the UK and Ireland in November, so that’s good news! As I didn’t get the foundation I didn’t see much point in investing in the Primer, I’d rather get both products together. I decided on the Just Peachy Palette, Peach Perfect Mattifying Loose Powder and the Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer. This is a large collection, there are Cream highlighters (I much prefer Powder), Lipsticks (v. tempted), a Peach Blur Finishing Powder (still want this!), Cream Blush (never wear blush, Cream or otherwise), Foundation, Primer, loose Powder and Setting Spray, so you can see why it’s difficult to just select a few items!

The Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette is full of gorgeous warm tones, they are all Matte, super easy to blend and very creamy. I love the packaging, the palette feels very sturdy and I like the fact that it’s not too big, some palettes are so cumbersome, if they’re really big I never reach for them. Strange I know.

The Sweetie Pie Bronzer was a must have for me. It looks so beautiful, it has a ‘woven’ pattern of different Bronzer shades with a coral background, there is a gold lustre on top, however this is literally just a dusting on top of the product, a light touch with your finger will remove it.

The Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder has become a new favourite product, I absolutely love it! It’s very fine, infused with Peach and fig, and sets under eye concealer beautifully! I love the shade, it literally is a very light Peachy shade, perfect for brightening under the eyes. I’m really pleased with items I bought, Too Faced rarely disappoints!

I think all three items cost me about £113, that was with taxes and shipping. I ordered it on the 31st August and it arrived on the 11th September, Sephora use a service called Borderfree to process international orders, which means they do all the customs charges at point of purchase.

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara-First Impressions

I have been on a bit of a mascara binge recently, I’ve had:- Too Faced Better than Sex, Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir, Nip+Fab mascara, Rimmel Volume Shake, NYX Professional Makeup Doll Eye (volume and long Lash versions), L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll, L’Oréal Paradise, Tarte Lights Camera Lashes, and most recently Urban Decay Perversion. That’s a whole lotta Lash!!! There are a few favourites, but most of them are fairly mediocre, they fulfil their purpose but aren’t not particularly ‘wow’. How you judge a mascara depends on what you want from it, for me, I want as big, fluffy, long and voluminous lashes as possible, I want something that looks like false lashes, but isn’t!

So when I saw that Urban Decay was launching a new mascara, I was very excited. I like UD’s Perversion mascara, I only started using it recently though, I bought it on an offer with the Perversion Liner, both products work really well and I have been happy with the results.

The packaging is everything you would expect from UD, the box is a sort of metallic purple, a bit like oil on water. The actual tube is same, reflects purple and green, with a clear cover over it. I love UD packaging, its of hard and grungy, and of course ‘urban’.

On to the product, Troublemaker Mascara claims to give super-fat, super-long lashes, in fact it says it gives 13.7 X the volume (why such a random amount?), and that it is sex proof! I’ve only worn it today, and having not yet been in a position to test how sex proof it is (later maybe!) we’ll have to just focus on the volume and length! The applicator is what I call a ‘prickly’ brush, these style of brushes are great for getting right to the root, for separating and covering each and every Lash. Personally, I think the brush is more of a deal breaker to finding the right mascara than the actual product itself, after all, if you can’t get on with the applicator, how are you going to get the product on to your lashes? I tend to favour the more traditional brushes, having said that I don’t like the really big, chunky brushes, I find it’s hard to be precise and get into the roots of the lashes. This brush gives a really good coating of mascara, from root to tip, it also catches all those fine wispy lower Lashes.

Above is after one coat, which I think is pretty good! The photo below is how my lashes looked before the mascara, as you can see they are quite fine.

So to summarise, I think this mascara is pretty impactful. It feels nice on the lashes (I’ve had some mascara’s that make Lashes feel hard and plastic). It doesn’t say that it’s waterproof, although it is sex-proof apparently! It also claims to curl the lashes too, as I always use lash curlers I can’t really tell. I’m not sure it will replace my absolute favourite, but I do think it’s a damn close runner up.

Available from Urban Decay website, £19.50

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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Anti-Haul! What I won’t be buying!

These anti-haul posts seem to be everywhere at the moment, so I thought I’d join the party! It’s so difficult to commit to ‘not buying’ something, because we all know that so many of our purchases are driven by what we see on social media. We all buy stuff based on what this YouTuber and that Instagrammer says, but the reality is so much stuff is gifted to them that of course they’re going to be biased (who wouldn’t be, they want to keep receiving free stuff!). So here’s a list that I won’t be investing in, well, probably won’t be investing in, (promptly logs in to Sephora).


This is a difficult one, originally I said I wouldn’t buy it because I’m tired of celebrities turning themselves into makeup gurus, and also because a bit of me thinks ‘how much money do these people need?’, KKW Beauty anyone?! We all know they haven’t sat formulated the stuff themselves, they’ve put their name on it, along with a big price tag.

When Fenty launched yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised at the price range, £26 for a foundation is fairly reasonable, it’s along the same lines as MAC and Urban Decay. Then there’s that huge shade range, forty different options-that’s pretty amazing for a new brand! I also quite like that Rihanna decided not to make everything straight away, there are no eye products and only one Lip product. So why aren’t I buying? Well partly because after watching some reviews on YouTube I wasn’t that blown away by the products, I am tempted with the Foundation, although I don’t need another foundation and trying to work out which of the forty shades I’d be from looking at online swatches will be difficult. The highlighters look pretty, the stand out shade Trophy Wife, will not suit my skin tone, and the others all look fairly average. I don’t tend to use cream contour and highlight products so those magnetic Stick things were never going to be a winner. Maybe if I see the products in the flesh I’ll change my mind, but for the moment, I’m going to resist.


I have a number of KVD products, most of which I rarely reach for. I’m not especially blown away by the Shade+Light Palette, I even went to the effort of buying the refillable version, from Sephora, as I was so sure I would love it! It’s not that it’s a bad product, I just don’t think it’s particularly amazing either. I bought the MetalMatte Palette at the same time, looks great but it’s such a random collection of shades that I can’t do a full eye look, without using another palette as well. Then there’s the Alchemist Palette, pretty packaging but fairly standard (not to mention tiny) highlighters. So although I’m drawn to this new palette, I’m going to be sensible.


I bought the Grand Hotel Cafe Makeup Set because it was aesthetically pleasing, it’s so cute, too cute, in fact it was so damn cute I’ve never used it. I find that increasingly with Christmas/limited edition makeup, it’s more of an ornament on my vanity table, than anything I actually use which is a shame.



As much as possible from Marc Jacobs Beauty, the epitome of New York cool!

Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection, already ordered some pieces from Sephora, hopefully when the new boutique opens on Carnaby Street they will stock the foundation and everything else!

Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara, already ordered!

Let me know what you won’t (and definitely will) be buying!

Thanks for reading. Mo x

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August Review

Ah, at last the end of the makeup dry season is upon us, and September has arrived with all its lovely new launches! I love autumn, I love the colours of the leaves, the fact that you can wear layers, ankle boots and biker jackets without melting. Once again, I’ve looked over this past months insta posts and realised that I have bought quite a lot of makeup (even if I feel like I haven’t!).


I think I have mentioned these foundations briefly in a previous post, but I’ve used them quite a lot over this past month and I absolutely love them! Deciem’s offspring brand The Ordinary make two types of foundation, a Coverage foundation and a Serum Foundation. Now, originally I thought that I would love the Coverage one, but that the Serum one would probably never get used as I like as flawless finish as possible. Actually although I do think the Coverage one does give a lovely finish, I find it tingles a little bit on my skin, I’m not sure why this is as I’m not particularly sensitive to anything. The Serum one doesn’t do this, and actually it also gives pretty good coverage and a nice natural finish. Both of them are very lightweight and last really well on the face, I haven’t found that they break apart on my oily nose or any where else.

Serum Foundation is available in 21 shades and costs £5.70

Coverage Foundation is available in 21 shades and costs £5.90

I bought mine from the website, they’re also stocked in the Covent Garden store.

NYX Professional Makeup HD Corrector in the shade Lavender, was recommended to me, to use not so much for colour correction but as a under Eye brightener. Generally lavender shades are used to correct sallowness so I guess in many respects it’s sort of illuminating. I tried it and was amazed how much difference it made, particularly as I usually reach for the Yellow version of this Concealer for neutralising the darkness under my eyes. I use it after my Foundation, just 3 dabs under my eyes, blend out with a beauty blender, then use a regular Concealer as usual.

NYX Professional Makeup HD Conceal/Corrector £6 Boots.

Sport FX Time Out Face Mist + Fix Spray was one of the items in this months Glossy Box. I have seen this spray on social media, its sweat proof, and so in theory, should make a great Setting Spray as it controls oil and deflects surface shine. It’s also packed with vitamins and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It also contains Menthol Essence, which I could smell when I sprayed it, I didn’t particularly like the fragrance though. It does give a very fine Mist of product when spritzed on to the face, and it was refreshing. However, I didn’t feel it particularly kept my makeup in place, my ride or die Matte Setting Spray from NYX Professional Makeup is quite a tough act to follow, nothing budges makeup set with it!

Sport FX Time Out Face Mist + Fix is available from the brands website, £5.99 for 30ml


Lots of Glow again this month, well it is my favourite kind of product after all!

Firstly, a palette which I thought would be really good. Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighter Palette consists of 4 balm/cream shades and 2 powders, I originally thought these were meant for layering to increase the intensity, however after trying every possible combination, I have come to the conclusion that this palette is sadly lacking. The balm texture shades don’t really do anything, they don’t give much of a glow on their own nor do they make the powders more intense. And why is there four of them? The only decent shade in this palette is middle shade on the bottom row, this is a really pretty ‘unicorn’ Highlighter. If you have it and love it, that’s great-maybe you could give me some tips on how to get the best out of it! You do You, what works for me, might not for someone else and vice versa.

Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighter Palette is available from Boots and Superdrug, for £7.99.

Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite budget brands, I know that they sometimes come under fire for duping some of the high-end cosmetics brand, but really most makeup is dupery of one sort of another. When Guerlain began to manufacture lipstick, it could be argued that every lipstick since is a dupe. Then there’s the financial aspect of drugstore dupes, not everyone can or wants to spend large amounts of money on makeup.

So MUR’s latest offering is a range of Liquid Highlighters, theres obviously a Unicorn shade, plus six other gold/champagne hues. They come in glass bottles with a pipette/dropper top. I bought three of the golden shades and the unicorn one, I ordered them from the Superdrug as they had a 3 for 2 promotion on cosmetics.

Starlight is my favourite shade, it’s a champagne colour and is very flattering on fairer skin tones. If you prefer your Highlighters with more warmth, Luminous Gold is incredibly pretty. The last of the ‘classic’ Highlighter shades I got was Rose Gold, again it’s beautiful Glow, but probably more ideally suited to deeper skin tones. The last shade I have is called Unicorn Elixir, this is the only shade I actually I have the high-end version of. I have done a shade comparison on Instagram, I can confirm that although they are similar, the MUR one has some sparkle/glitter in it, which the Cover FX Halo shade, doesn’t have. I think for £6 each they’re a good buy, especially as most people won’t wear a Holographic Highlighter every day.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters are available from Superdrug and Tam Beauty websites, £6 each.


The first palette of the month was a controversial one. Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette has had quite a battering on YouTube, everyone seemed to be saying how hard it was to work with and how there were ‘good and bad’ palettes. Personally, I like to make up my own mind about things, especially as I always feel people are always happy to jump on a bandwagon!

The range of shades in the Subculture Palette is truly awe inspiring, there are greens, yellows, browns, a golden pressed glitter, plus a duochrome highlight. I love it purely because it’s so different to any of my other palettes! It is insanely pigmented, which can make it challenging to work with, however, if you go in with a light hand the depth of colour is fine. The Matte Eyeshadows are very much like pressed pigments, but if you just touch your brush onto the Powder that will give you enough product to work with. I think this is a great Palette, and for anyone who didn’t like it Norvina said you can be refunded, and you can’t say fairer than that!

Subculture Palette is available from Anastasia UK website, £42.

NYX Professional Makeup’s Ultimate Multi Finish Shadow Palette in the shade Sugar High, is one of four new palettes exclusive to Selfridges. These palettes consist of matte, shimmer and sparkly/glitter shades, set out in a shade gradient, so each Matte has a Shimmer and sparkly equivalent. This particular shade option, contains lots of corals and oranges, my favourite summer colours, when I went on holiday, this was the palette I took! The Eyeshadows are well pigmented, they blend beautifully and those glittery shades are stunning! Next I want to get the Warm Rust shade, perfect for autumn!

Selfridges in store and website, £18.

Another palette purchase this month, was a real luxury item. Yves Saint Laurent Couture Variation Palette in the shade Nu, is a collection of ten neutral eyeshadows. There’s pretty much everything you need to do a classic neutral eye. They’re very smooth, blend easily and have good pigmentation. The only slightly negative thing about this palette is the size, it feels quite small compared to say, an Urban Decay Naked Palette, each pan in the YSL palette weighs 0.65g compared to each UD pan at 1.3g. It’s a good size to keep in your handbag though, as it’s not too bulky.

YSL Couture Variation Palette is available from department stores, £49.

This next product is something that I always thought was a bit of a gimmick. Personally, I have always primed my eyes with Concealer, and I’ve always been quite happy with the results henceforth Eye Primer always seemed a bit pointless, I thought it was probably only useful for people who have specific issues with creasing, or with the longevity of their eyeshadow, neither of which I have a problem with. So why the change of heart/mind I hear you ask, the answer is Marc Jacobs! If you follow my blog and insta, you’ll know I’m slightly obsessed with Marc Jacobs beauty products. So when I saw this Undercover Coconut Eye Primer had been launched, I went along to John Lewis and purchased it. I love the Coconut collection, I have most of it (except the brush, but I’m coming for you!). This primer has changed my makeup life, it resurfaces the skin on the eyelid, so if like me, you have quite crinkly textured skin, it makes it really smooth. This helps when you apply eyeshadow, but I find the biggest difference is when I apply liquid liner. I like to rock a wing every day, and to be honest, some days it’s a bloody challenge! As you sweep your brush across, those crinkles create an almost jagged edge on your liner, then your trying to go over it to even it out, each time that line gets a bit thicker, sound familiar? Well using an Eye Primer smooths the skin and really diminishes that jagged edge, making It easier and quicker to do your wing!

Undercover Coconut Eye Primer is available from John Lewis, £20.

If you fancy a really eye catching alternative to black winged liner, NYX Professional Makeup’s Aqua Glam Liners are a good place to start. The brush is very precise, the shades are sparkly and intensely pigmented so they give great colour payoff. I have the shade 24 Carat, a really bright yellow gold shade. These are beautiful when applied above a black liner, to create a double wing, I also use them for dot-work!

£6 from Boots and Selfridges.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in the shade Torch has been one of my favourite products this month. It compliments the Naked Heat Palette perfectly, it’s a gorgeous burnt orange shade, which seems to be impossible to find from any other brand! I use it on my waterline, and in addition to lasting pretty well, it doesn’t irritate my eyes like lots of kohl pencils do.

Available from UD website and all good stockists, £15.50

Another NYX Professional Makeup eye product which I am still yet to try is the Eye and Brow Pencil in the shade Taupe. I bought this primarily to fill in my brows, I use the Micro Brow Pencil every day, but I go through one pretty much every month so I thought I’d give this a try to use alongside it. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Slim Eye Pencil, £2.50


Another item from this months Glossy Box, Rodial Lip Suede in the shade Big Apple. This creamy lip crayon, is enriched with vitamin E, has a Matte finish and feels very soft on the lips.

Available from Rodial website, £22.

The obsession with orange continues, in the shape of NYX Professional Makeup’s Lip Liner in the shade Pumpkin. This is a beautiful metallic orange shade,it so nice I’ve been wearing it on its own all over my lips. These lip liners are brilliant, and best of all they only cost £3! Available from Boots, Selfridges and NYX Professional Makeup’s website.


Another NYX Professional Makeup product, Face & Body Glitter in the shade Gunmetal, I love this glitter so much, it’s a dark silver shade perfect for winter, hallowe’en, dark Smoky eyes, the list is endless! Remember to use glitter Primer with all Glitters, you want that glitter on your eyes-not in them!!!

So I think that’s about it for this month. Hope you enjoyed th s months (somewhat lengthy) review! Thanks for reading, Mo x

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7 Days 7 Facemasks, Glamglow Gravity Mud

I’ve kind of lost count of how many facemasks I’ve done, I think this is number five, and as for days, well were probably into months now!

So this is my first Glamglow purchase, I’ve had my eye on it for a while and as it’s only £14, it was a less expensive way of trying out an expensive brand. Obviously this is a collectors edition as it’s in the Sonic the Hedgehog packaging, there are three different designs to collect, I think it’s quirky but to be honest my son was more excited about it than me!

Inside the box is a blue tube which contains 15g of product. Upon using it for the first time, I applied it quite sparingly, as I wanted to get a couple of applications out of it. I love that this mask is metallic, I think it does look and feel more glamorous! It has quite a fruity, fresh fragrance and it felt lovely on my face. I applied it with my trusty H&M face mask spatula, I find it’s easier to get an even layer using this.

The mask contains lots of skin loving ingredients, Witch Hazel, a number of different types of Clay (Montmorillonite, Illite, Canadian Colloidal Clay), Marsh Mellow (no not the puffy sweets, the Plant) the leaf extracts of this plant are known to rejuvenate and heal, Colloidal Platinum which has anti-ageing properties and Ascophyllum Nodosum, a type of seaweed which contains 14 vitamins, 16 amino acids and seawater minerals, it soothes irritation and boosts circulation which helps to eliminate impurities. All in all, there’s some good stuff inside that blue tube!

On the packaging it says to leave it on for 20-30 minutes, I left for about 25 minutes and it had fully dried down, then I began to peel it off. It’s easy to remove and comes off fairly neatly, some of the peel off ones I’ve used in the past come away in tiny pieces and are a bit of a pain.

Gravitymud Firming Treatment really helps the skin to feels tighter and lifted, I also felt that my skin looked a lot smoother, my pores looked less obvious and my skin felt fresher. To be honest, I was hoping that I wouldn’t like Glamglow, I was hoping it wouldn’t do anything, unfortunately for my bank balance this isn’t the case. Mind you, the full size Glamglow masks are around the £40 mark, so they will probably go on my Christmas list rather than being something I’d buy myself!

So to summarise, I think this mask is really effective, I will definitely be trying out more of this brand. I bought mine in Boots.

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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7 Days 7 Facemasks, Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

I’ve had the product for quite some time, but I’ve never reviewed it, being as I’ve been doing this series I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

I only use this mask about once a month, as I like to alternate my masks. Apparently Charlotte Tilbury herself uses it every morning!

This mask is packed full of skincare goodness, it contains Spanish Clay and Sweet Almond Oil to nourish, Bio-Nymph Peptide Complex to promote Collagen and elasticity, Fragipani flower extract has antiseptic properties to soothe the skin, and essential oil to help hydrate the skin.

This mask has quite a dense formula, it feels cooling on the skin and very refreshing, it has quite a unique scent which I believe is the Frangipani. Although this is a Clay mask, it doesn’t dry down like regular ones do, it only needs to be left on for 10 minutes as your not waiting for it to change colour or dry.

This mask is designed to be used as often as you need it, it won’t cause you to break out as it main purpose is to give beautiful glowing skin. So you can you it every morning, like Charlotte herself!

I probably would use this every morning but to be honest I simply don’t organise my time well enough to fit it in, most beauty regimes have to become a habit, otherwise I just forget to do it. The other reason is that this product is pretty expensive, at £38 for 75ml it’s on the more premium end of the pricing spectrum!

So to summarise, this is a great product if you want fresh, glowy skin. It’s not my personal favourite purely because when I use a mask I want something which is going to dramatically improve the fine lines on my face (albeit temporarily), and there are many products on the market which do that, often for a fraction of the price!

Thanks for reading! Mo x

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The Ordinary Skincare

I'm a bit rubbish with skincare, I think it's because my skin is generally not too problematic so I take it for granted a bit. In the past, my ride or die moisturiser was Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, I've used it for the best part of twenty years, shocking I know. However, recently I feel like I need to step it up a bit, so when I was at the IMATS back in May, I bought a few products from The Ordinary.
Now, I had seen this brand on social media, and it's always seemed like it was a bit of a secret, like only hard core beauty junkies knew about it. The Ordinary's company motto is 'Clinical Formulations with Integrity', the whole ethos of the company is about debunking the beauty industry, offering products which give you the active ingredients you need rather than a heap of bulking agents and fancy packaging. The brand is an offspring of Deciem, the umbrella brand of Niod and Hylamide. All of Deciem's brand are free of Parabens, mineral oil, Sulphates, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, animal oils, benzalkonium chloride, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, mercury and oxybenzone. They do not test on animals, nor do they sell in China. They have won a number of awards for their products. They also offer a 365 day refund period across all Deciem brands. I love the ethics of this company, it's increasingly difficult to find a company that doesn't loosen its morals for money.

When I saw The Ordinary on Love Makeup's stand, I didn't really know what to get, but as it was really busy I just grabbed a few things.
Firstly I got the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, everyone knows how incredible this ingredient is, that it can hold 1000 times it's weight in moisture! I've used almost a whole bottle of this stuff, I use it morning and night. That's the point of The Ordinary, that you layer products that you actually need specific to your skin, the website is really helpful, as it tells you what order you should use your products in and when to use them! Then I found the Caffeine Solution, which is great for puffy eyes, I've always suffered with this as I don't sleep well, this really helps and I can always tell if I've forgotten to use it! Again I use this AM and PM. Lastly, I got the High Adherence Silicone Primer, the last step of skincare and first step of makeup. This is a great product, locks in your skincare and primes to give a smooth and even base to apply makeup, all for a tiny price tag.

I have since discovered that in addition to Deciem's website and Love Makeup, a few other websites stock products from The Ordinary, Beauty Bay, House of Fraser, Look Fantastic, QVC and ASOS all have some items. Deciem have also just opened a store in Covent Garden, in addition to the one in Spittalfields, both in London. They also have a counter in Fenwick's on Bond Street.

I bought some more products from Beauty Bay, the Argireline Solution has been described by Wayne Goss as 'the closest thing to Botox in a bottle', indeed it does make a huge difference to fine lines, particularly those pesky frown and laughter lines, again I use this AM and PM. I also got the Plant Derived Squalene, this is a super hydrated! It's also non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types. It can also be used on the hair, to improve heat protection, add Shine and also help to prevent breakage. I use this at night, I've been alternating it with Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concerntrate as this also contains Squalene. I also bought a product that I was a bit afraid of, The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution is not for the faint hearted, in fact, it's an industry strength peel! I feel it doesn't help that the liquid itself is red, so it looks a bit strange when applied! I advise starting lightly with this product, so far the longest I have left it on for is 5 minutes, it does feel quite tingly when it's on, and it gives some really amazing results! My skin always feels so much softer and looks revitalised after using it. A couple of words of caution though, unless you are experienced with peels, start by leaving it no more than 5 minutes, the maximum Deciem advises is 10, so it's best to see how your skin reacts to it first. Also, and this is an absolute must, use a high Factor SPF after, skin is super sensitive to sun damage after peels. La Roche Posay do some excellent sun protection products.

Lastly, I bought a couple of the foundations from the Deciem website. These have been sold out forever, and I had signed up to the waiting lists for both of them. The Ordinary make two foundations, a Coverage version and a Serum one. Obviously the Coverage Foundation does exactly what it says, gives a really flawless finish but is very lightweight, I have the shade 2.0N, I have worn it a lot, it's a beautiful foundation. The Serum Foundation has moderate coverage, I have the shade 2.0YG, I like this one too although as I prefer full coverage I tend to reach for the other one more. They are 30ml bottles so you get a lot of product. These Foundations have also been recommended by Wayne Goss, as they give fantastic results, are made with quality ingredients and are excellent value!!! I have a little shade comparison below.

I hope to expand my The Ordinary collection soon with the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution, Natural Moisturising Factors, Buffet and Vitamin C Suspension 30% in Silicone. I'll let you know how I get on!

100% Plant Derived Squalene £5.50
AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution £6.30
Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG £5.80
Argireline Solution 10% £5.50
Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 £5.90
High Adherence Silicone Primer £3.90
Serum Foundation £5.90
Coverage Foundation £5.90
Both come in 21 shades, and there is an excellent shade guide on the website!

All The Ordinary products come in 30ml. I love the minimalist, white packaging all of these products come in, I also love that all the fluids, serums and oils come in little glass bottles with pipettes. What an amazing brand!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! Mo x