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October Review

Ah Christmas is almost upon us and a wealth of gorgeous new holiday makeup has been launched, I’m trying not to buy too much of it this year, as I often find I don’t really use much of the limited edition stuff I buy. Having said that, the MAC Snowball Collection looks fab, it reminds me of the Mariah Carey collection from last Christmas (I gave you my heart)!

So on with the review, another month in makeup!


Only one Primer this month, NYX Professional Makeup’s #No Filter Blurring Primer is a Silicone based product, as are many Primers, Silicone is a great ingredient because it absorbs oil and ‘blurs’ fine lines and pores by plumping the skin. This primer is very silky when applied and it didn’t leave that slightly slimy residue that you get with some Primers, it smells divine too.

£12 for 25ml Boots

My only foundation purchase for the month was the fantastic Huda Beauty #Faux Filter Foundation, as I’ve already reviewed it in a separate post, I shall just say that I’m still loving it!

£32 for 35ml, 30 shades, Cult Beauty.


NYX Professional Makeup’s new Contour & Highlighter trio is great for people who do their makeup on the go, as it contains a contour powder, matte highlight (great for setting under eyes), and a shimmer highlighter. I think it’s much more ‘user friendly’ than the big palettes, which can be quite confusing/overwhelming and as we all know, it most of those large contour palettes you end up only using a couple of the shades. The powders themselves are very smooth and finely milled, so they apply evenly and blend well. The shimmer highlighter is stunning in all the shades!

£11, 4 shades available from Boots.

This L’Oréal Glow Kit is an unexpected treasure, I ordered it online from Superdrug’s website, I haven’t seen it in their stores or anywhere else for that matter, so maybe it’s exclusive to them? The palette contains five shades, which are all Holographic unicorn type Highlighters. There’s a pink, lilac, silver, green and blue shade, and for me, this is a pretty good dupe for the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Highlighter Palette. The packaging is a bit basic although I quite like it because, again, it’s a good size to carry around in your makeup bag.

£12.99 Superdrug website, but currently £9.99 if you have their beauty club card.

Next up, a whole load of MUA Cosmetics Highlighter’s. I love MUA highlighter’s because they are very inexpensive but give a really good Glow!

They have launched a collection of Prism Highlighters, these are all prismatic so they have a colour shift, there are 5 shades in total and I managed to get 4 of them. They are all very pretty and fairly unique shades, I really like the Solar Flare shade as it’s quite unusual. The Ultra Violet shade is amazing, it’s very pigmented and really does give a violet shine! The Aquatic Shine shade is also very Mermaid worthy, I did have slightly odd moment when I was swatching it though, the top layer looks a much paler blue than underneath, but I can confirm that both layers swatched the same.

£4 each, 5 shades, MUA website and Superdrug website/some stores.

Also new this month from MUA, are these Jelly Highlighter trios, I have the shade Crystal Cut, which has silver, mint and violet colours. The jelly texture is very similar to Stila Heavenly Hue Highlighter, it’s almost a putty-like texture, it’s not greasy or balmy. This unusual consistency gives a good sweep of Glow to the cheekbones, it doesn’t fade or move about either as it dries down once applied.

£5, 3 different shade trios, MUA & Superdrug websites.

From the MUA LUXE division of the brand, is this Light Lustre Highlighter Duo. This is the shade Splendour, these are high pearl powders, they’re super blend-able and can be layered, mixed or worn individually. I’m really impressed with these powders!

£5, 3 different shade duos, MUA & Superdrug websites.

I also got a couple of their Halloween limited edition highlighter’s, Aqua Shine and Black Magic. I used these on my daughter as she was a mermaid, not terribly Halloweeny I know!

£3 each, 3 shades, Superdrug.

Another new brand to be stocked on the Superdrug website is Bleach London. I have long been a fan of their beautiful pastel hair colours, so I was intrigued by the launch of their new cosmetics line. Obviously being the highlighter obsessive I am, I ordered one of their new highlighter’s in the shade Blulini, a stunning holographic blue/violet shade. These only come in a pan which you can pop into a empty palette which Bleach also sell, mine is in a z-palette at the moment but I will definitely be trying other Bleach makeup products so perhaps I’ll invest in an empty palette too!

£4.50 Superdrug website.


ELF has become a firm favourite in my makeup collection, they’re another very inexpensive but decent quality brand. I bought a couple of their glitter products this month, firstly, a Stardust Glitter Eyeliner in the shade Pink Opal, this liner has iridescent pink glitter in it and I like the effect but I think it’s better when layered over a colour liner. I also bought this Pop of Glitter Gel in the Rose Gold shade, it’s very sparkly, and can be applied on top of your makeup to add an extra sparkle. I tried this on my eyes, over the top of my eyeshadow but I found that as the product is very wet it moved the powder about quite a bit. I think the paler shades will be great to use on the cheekbones though. When I bought these I was hoping one of them may be a dupe for the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow, which I love and have a couple of, but my gosh they’re expensive, so I’m always looking for a drugstore dupe! The ELF Glitters, though very pretty are not dupes, so I will keep looking.

Stardust Glitter Liner £5, 4 shades & Pop of Hlitter Gel £5, 5 shades both ELF website.

A new edition to NYX Professional Makeup’s Lid Lingerie Collection are the matte shades, these are liquid eye tints and can be worn alone or as bases to apply eyeshadow on to. Once they dry down they don’t move or crease, and will stay in place all day.

£6, 12 shades, Boots.

I am a huge fan of NYX Professional Makeup’s Micro Brow Pencil, I’ve tried many others but I always come back to this because it’s just the perfect brow product. So when they launched the Precision Brow Pencil I was intrigued to see how it would compare. Both pencils are retractable, they run to the same shades (although the new Precision Pencil has a couple of different shades), are both on the harder side, and have spoolies on the end. The real difference is the shape of the pencil tip, the micro brow has a small, round, very precise tip whereas the Precision Brow has a long but thin tip, so it’s also very easy to use and it’s great for giving a very sharp, manicured looking brow. It’s also very easy to create the ‘gradient’ look with it, as you start the Brow very lightly with using the tip vertically.

£9, 8 shades, Boots.


A couple of new products from NYX Professional Makeup this month, firstly are the Super Cliquey Matte Lipsticks, they come in a very unique click tube (like a Touché Eclat but without the brush), the actual product has a tear drop shape to allow for easy and precise application. They are very pigmented and are fairly long lasting on the lips. A word to the wise though, only click up as much as you need because, like the Touché Eclat, if you click out too much you can’t put it back!

£8.50, 12 shades, Boots.

The brand has increased the shade range of its much loved Liquid Suede Liquid Lipsticks to include 12 new metallic versions. These matte liquid lipsticks dry down and don’t budge, you literally have to remove them! I have the shades Biker Babe (deep metallic red), Neat Nude (dark metallic brown, reminds me of the colour of beetles), Buzzkill (metallic fuchsia pink) and Ego (a super vibrant metallic purple).

£7 each, 12 Metallic shades, Boots.


I absolutely love Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concerntrate, so I thought I’d give the Daily Reviving Concerntrate a whirl. I was somewhat dubious though as my skin is a bit on the oily side and I wasn’t sure if it would make the situation worse. Although I like the actual product, it smells gorgeous and it’s packed with skincare goodies, it’s not for me. Whenever I used it, I felt that my makeup was going to just slide off, it’s didn’t make me more oily I just felt like my skin couldn’t absorb it. I shall continue to use the night time one though, it’s incredible!

£38 Kiehls.

Two products from The Ordinary this month, Argireline which is a repurchase, is great for treating fine lines, it was described as ‘Botox in a bottle’ by Wayne Goss! I also bought Matrixyl with Hyaluronic Acid, this is a new product for me and is another anti aging product. I’m so impressed with The Ordinary, I don’t think I’ve had anything disappointing from them.

Argireline £5.50, Matrixyl £9, Deciem website & Beauty Bay.


I have a Morphe brush that I absolutely love, it’s a fluffy blending brush made of natural bristles, but it came in a set so it doesn’t have a number on it. I have been trying to find the same brush or at least one similar, which is proving to be difficult. I ordered a MB18 which is a round crease brush, because in the photo it looked similar to the one I have (I have purchased quite a few brushes from a variety of brands recently, trying to find an identical one!), the MB18 is quite small and to me, it’s not really a crease brush, it’s more like a smudger brush. I have pictured the brush I’m after below (centre), if anyone can recommend one, please let me know in the comments.

I’m really impressed with the Urban Decay Pro Powder Brush, it’s a really big, dense, soft but still has a little bit of firmness to it. It’s synthetic and is made from recycled materials.

£26 Urban Decay.

So that’s it for October, bring on the Christmas madness!!! Thanks for reading, Mo x

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Huda Beauty #Faux Filter Foundation

Oh gosh, I love Huda Kattan, I love her eyeshadow palettes, I think they’re stunning. To me, she’s the epitome of modern glam, that gorgeous hair, amazing figure, the very fact that she knows everything about beauty, what’s not to love? So when this foundation launched of course I had to have it!

The foundation comes in thirty shades, so there is pretty much a shade for everyone, not bad for the launch of a new foundation, the big boys should take notice of this, Huda and Fenty Beauty both offering an extensive range of shades. I looked at online swatches to see what shade to go for, even so it’s a bit of a gamble as you never quite know what it’s going to be like. I eventually decided on the shade Shortbread 200B, which was in the ‘Light’ category of swatches, Huda Beauty website has a whole section dedicated to helping you to find which shade is best for you.

I also ordered the Face Blend & Buff Complexion Brush, I’m so pleased I did – this Brush is amazing! It was £22, which is not too bad for a premium makeup brush. I love the densely packed, cream coloured brush, it’s very soft and applied the foundation quickly and evenly. Excuse how dirty it is in the photo!

I didn’t buy the Primer as it’s Silicone based, I don’t really like these kind of Primers. I understand how they work and why people like them, I just don’t like how they feel on my skin. Having said all that, I was sent a sample with my foundation and it wasn’t too bad, some Silicone based Primers have a very silky almost slimy feel to them, which this didn’t, it was more like a cream. I still wasn’t a fan though.

The foundation itself is everything you’d expect, full coverage, Matte but not cakey, long lasting and applies beautifully. It has a really gorgeous fragrance, it’s sort of luxurious somehow. It stayed on for 14 hours without any sort of touch up, it didn’t settle in my pores or lines, didn’t break up on my oily nose, or become shiny. It’s a fabulous foundation, I hope she makes a concealer as well, and more brushes please!

The packaging is sleek, a matte box with the logo on, the bottle is also square with a matte black top and a sort of smoked effect at the bottom.

I ordered mine from Cult Beauty website, the foundation is £32 for 35ml, so the bottle is slightly bigger than most.

The brush is £22.

They also sell the primer. Complexion Perfection £27.

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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September Review!

So another month of makeup has gone by, I cannot believe we are already in October! I much prefer this time of year, warm knitwear, ankle boots, layers, autumn colours and of course, you can put your self tan away until the spring!


Two new primer’s this month, in the shape of Revlon Youth FX Fill and Blur Forehead Primer and Face and Neck Primer, see the previous post for a first impressions review of these products, plus the foundation and concealer.

The only other base product from this month was a repurchase, Urban Decay’s Allnighter is one of my ride or die products, this is my third bottle-I love it!!! It’s still the most matte best coverage Foundation I’ve come across.

£28 All Urban Decay stockists.


As usual, a fair bit of Glow this month, mostly from the brand ELF. I’m a big fan of this drugstore brand, they’re now stocked in Superdrug and so have become much more accessible. These highlighters I bought from ELF’s website, as they were doing free shipping.

This is the shade White Pearl, it’s a really good daytime highlighter, it feels very soft and buttery, sometimes the more inexpensive highlighter’s are too powdery and don’t stay on too well, these ones have good staying power.

The next shade is simply called Glow, this has a slightly more golden tone to it.

£3 each ELF website

I also got this little Shimmer Palette, I was a little disappointed to find that this is a cream highlighter palette, I’m not particularly keen on cream highlighter’s, although these are very pretty. The pans are quite small but it does recommend them for use as inner corner and brow highlights rather than cheekbones.

£4.50 ELF website

Too Faced Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer is very gorgeous to look at, if I’m honest I haven’t really used it yet because I know that once I give it a good sweep with a brush, that gold lustre that’s woven across the top, will completely disappear!

Makeup Revolution Ghost Lights Highlighter is part of their Halloween collection. It’s actually pretty nice as a regular day to day highlighter, however, if you do want a ghoulish Glow, simply apply Ghost Lights over white face paint!

£3 Superdrug and Tam Beauty website.

NYX Professional Makeup HD Blush in the shade Crimson I bought mainly to use as Eyeshadow. It’s really difficult to find proper red eye makeup, this blush is incredibly fine and blends really well. Although it looks a bit intense in the pan, it works as a blush beautifully on deeper skin tones.

£6 Boots and NYX Professional Makeup.

Too Faced Peach Perfect Matte Setting Powder has been my go to Powder this month. I love that it has a more neutral tone than the banana powders, even my Makeup Forever Loose Powder has a yellow hue to it, and because it’s not a white translucent powder it doesn’t flash back and is perfect for baking.



I bought three, really great palettes this month. The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette I have wanted since I first laid eyes on it! I love the Rose Gold Edition Palette, so I knew this one would be a winner. I have already reviewed this Palette in a separate post, but I can confirm that the more I use it, the enamoured with it I become!

£56 Cult Beauty and Harrods.

Too Faced’s Just Peachy Palette has become another favourite. Obviously as it’s all matte, I use it more for daytime looks, whereas the Huda Beauty Palette has more scope. Just Peachy is a lovely collection of shades though, perfect for Autumn!

Sephora website.

If you are looking for a gorgeous, autumnal eyeshadow palette from the drugstore, you’d be hard pushed to find anything better than Makeup Revolution’s collaboration with YouTuber Soph Does Nails. This stunning palette consists of 24 eyeshadow’s, a mix of matte neutrals and gorgeous shimmers, there’s something for everyone.

£10 Tam Beauty website and Superdrug.

Only one mascara purchase this month, Troublemaker Mascara from Urban Decay. I’m still loving this mascara but I’m not sure anything will ever replace my beloved Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir.

£19.50 all Urban Decay stockists.


For me, the most exciting lip launch of the month was the L’Oreal Balmain collaboration, I had seen the campaign for these lipsticks all over social media. I ended up getting two of them, from Harvey Nichols website. The khaki shade, Balmain Instinct, was the one I wanted most. It’s a gorgeous khaki colour with a slight gold tone. Although I adore the shade, (it’s much more wearable than you’d think!), I do find the pigmentation is not as rich as I would like, it needs a couple of good layers to get a decent density of colour, otherwise you can still see a slight pinkness from your lips underneath.

The other shade, Liberation, is a gorgeous deep black currant kind of colour! No problems with pigmentation on this one, just one sweep gives a full layer of intense colour! They both feel nice in the lips and are not excessively fragranced.

£12.99 each from Boots and Harvey Nichols.

Urban Decay’s Comfort Matte Lipstick in the shade Stark Naked I bought because I wanted a good nude, not too pink or beige. I also wanted a formula which was matte, but not so matte it sucked the life out of my lips (MAC Velvet Teddy anyone?). This lipstick ticked all those boxes!

£15.50 Urban Decay stockists.

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipstick was a bargain find in TK Maxx, it’s a nice shade, I’m loving a metallic lipstick at the moment! I’m not over fond of the ‘sponge on a squeezy tube’ style of application, but I can work with it. I like the formula and the smell of these lipsticks, I have a couple of the matte ones. On a side note, I like a bargain as much as anyone else buy I do not enjoy all the ‘opened and abused’ products in the Beauty area in TK Maxx, most of these lipsticks had been opened and presumably tried, All were in a really grotty state, I managed to find one out which hadn’t been opened, which is the one I purchased, but what do TK Maxx do with all those used ones? Surely no one would want to buy them. I will never understand why people think it’s ok to open and test products. And that concludes this months rant!

I already have the shade Speed of Light from NYX Professional Makeup’s Cosmic Metals range, which I love, so I was excited to try the Crystalized Metal shade. This is a very wearable daytime shade. The Cosmic Metals are creams, and so they do not dry down like a matte lipstick, they still have good staying power though.

£7 Boots and NYX Professional Makeup website.


I have been on the hunt for a new foundation brush for a while, I generally use the Morphe M444, it’s incredibly dense brush gives a lovely finish but my god, it’s an absolute pest to clean. So I alternate it with a M439 and a G6, both from Morphe. The G6 is one of those brushes that you forget how good it is until you use it again. I have tried various Real Techniques brushes, but I have never been that impressed with them, the only exception is the small Setting brush (I use it for highlighter), and the Expert Face Brush (I use it to contour with my Soleil Tan De Chanel).

So I’m trying the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush, this is a synthetic brush, good for buffing on foundation. I like this Brush a lot but I still prefer my Morphe M444, I just wish it was easier to clean!

I bought a couple of ELF tools as well, a small blending brush and a silicone glitter applicator. ELF brushes are good quality for a tiny price, I already have a highlighter brush which I love, I will definitely be buying more! The glitter applicator is fantastically useful for eyes and doing detail work.

Blending brush £2 and Silicone Glitter Applicator £4.50, ELF website.

That concludes this month in makeup, thanks for reading, Mo x

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Revlon Youth FX – First Impressions

I Can’t honestly say I’ve ever had any makeup from the Revlon brand, so I was very intrigued and excited about their latest collection, Youth FX. This collection consists of four products, a forehead primer, face and neck primer, foundation and concealer.

The Fill and Blur Primer For Forehead is a Water/Silicone based Primer, texture wise it’s quite silky but not excessively so, it doesn’t vanish into the skin quite as rapidly as those Primers which are heavily Silicone based. You apply it with a brush, which is attached to the cap, it’s a milky coloured liquid which goes clear when applied. It takes a moment or two to dry down, then the effects begin apparent, it has plumping action, thus minimising lines and blurring pores. My forehead isn’t really all that wrinkly but I can see enlarged pores, and the primer did help to resurface and give a smoother base. I also found that a little goes quite a long way, the first time I used it, I went a bit overboard, I would suggest dotting the product on to the lines/problem areas and patting out with fingertips. I don’t really see why this primer is exclusively for the forehead, I think it would be fine for the whole face.

Fill and Blur Primer For Face/Neck is step two of the Houth FX regimen, this is also a water/Silicone based primer, but it has a much thicker consistency although it’s not heavy. Again this comes in one universal shade. It has a unique teardrop shaped applicator, which can be used to smooth the product in to the skin (almost like an ironing effect!). Again, this primer has micro-fillers and optical diffusers, which will plump and resurface the skin. This primer did help to provide a good smooth base, but to be honest, most Silicone based Primers do that, it’s the nature of the ingredient!

Youth FX Fill and Blur Foundation is actually a pretty good product. When I first squeezed a bit out, I didn’t think I’d like it. It has quite a dense texture, not at all runny, more like a cream. It says on the website it can be applied with a sponge, brush or fingers, as it’s quite a thick formula, I tried a sponge first. I dotted it onto my face then buffed it out with a beauty blender, this worked well. It gave a natural finish, with good coverage. The next day I used a buffing brush which worked just as well. This foundation is also Silicone based, so it too, has a plumping and blurring effect. The only thing I wasn’t quite sure about was the shade, I have Buff, which looked a little on the yellow side, however once it was on my face it was fine. There are only seven shades available in the UK, which is not a great range, in the states Ulta has twelve. It stayed on really well throughout the day and did not break up or go patchy.

Lastly is the Fill and Blur Concealer, a sponge tipped pen style product. This comes in four shades, I have shade 2. This product is actually supposed to be step three, the first time I used all these products together, I applied it before the foundation but I didn’t feel it was very effective. I think this is because I’m so used to applying concealer after foundation, anything else just feels wrong. So on day 2, I used it on top of the foundation, it worked better that way for me. It gave pretty good coverage and blended out well, it was hydrating and has the same blurring effect as the other products in the range.

So to summarise, I was pleasantly surprised by these products. They are a regime though, so to get optimum results all the products need to be used, as they work together.

Revlon Youth FX is available at Boots.

Fill and Blur Primer For Forehead £14.99

Fill and Blur Primer For Face/Neck £14.99

Fill and Blur Foundation £13.99

Fill and Blur Concealer £11.99

Usually Revlon is on offer in Boots.

Thank you to Revon UK for sending me these products to try!

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, First Impressions!

I have bought an awful lot of eyeshadow this month, in fact, I think even if I had a hundred eyelids, I still wouldn’t be able to use up all of my collection! I’m not proud of this degree of excess, it’s kind of ridiculous, but I think there are probably a lot of ‘makeup junkies’ in the same situation. We buy stuff, use it until something new comes along, then abandon it. Of course, there are always those ride or die products, the holy grails we can’t live without, which brings me neatly to Huda Beauty.

The Rose Gold Edition Palette is a ride or die for me, whether it’s dress down daytime or extravagant evening, that palette had it all! It never disappoints. I know that not everyone loved it, people struggled with the textured shades, but I loved it and I still do.

So with a huge amount of excitement, the moment Desert Dusk appeared on Cult Beauty I ordered it. It’s not cheap, at £56 for 18 shades its at the pricier end of the spectrum, but you do get a very unique palette for your money.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this second offering as much as the original, the Rose Gold one has so many of my favourite colours in it. However, after doing a number of different eye looks with it, I have decided this too, is an awesome product! The palette itself contains 8 Mattes, 6 Pressed pearls, 3 Duo-chrome toppers and one pure glitter. All of the Mattes blend beautifully, you get an all over lid shade, transition and crease colours, the only Matte shade I felt didn’t blend quite so smoothly was Amethyst, in fact even to swatch it feels a little rougher than the others. The pearls and toppers are all stunning, they give a beautiful effect when layered, I found the toppers apply better with your finger than a brush. The glitter, oh my gosh, the glitter is amazing, it’s a mix of bronze, pink, gold and hints of green, Huda should make a glitter palette as this shade is fabulous! The other great thing about the glitter, named Cosmo, is it works with any look you can make with this palette, be it very rusty and warm, or more jewel toned. Head over to my Instagram for swatches of every shade in the palette.

So to summarise, I think this is a gorgeous palette, it’s everything you would expect from Huda Kattan. Buy it, or put it on your Christmas list, because it’s fantastic, it will enrich your makeup life! Who says you can’t buy happiness!!

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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Too Faced Peaches and Cream

This has been one of the most exciting launches of the year, as far as I’m concerned, I adore Too Faced products! It’s just such a pretty, girlie brand, and that packaging! Then of course, there’s the scent, Too Faced products smell good enough to eat!

I ordered three items from the new Peaches and Cream collection from Sephora, I tweeted Debenhams to find out if they were going to stock it but they replied they were not. I know Selfridges also sell Too Faced but in the UK we always have to wait a couple of months at least before new products reach us, so I decided I’d just order it from the US instead.

I will be honest and tell you that I wanted all of this collection, the Primer, foundation, palette, Setting Spray, but in the end I settled for three items. I didn’t get the foundation as I’m not sure what shade to order, also there’s a Too Faced Boutique opening in Carnaby Street soon, so hopefully they’ll stock it and I can get matched. I’ve just been on the American site, it says the Peaches and Cream Collection will be available in the UK and Ireland in November, so that’s good news! As I didn’t get the foundation I didn’t see much point in investing in the Primer, I’d rather get both products together. I decided on the Just Peachy Palette, Peach Perfect Mattifying Loose Powder and the Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer. This is a large collection, there are Cream highlighters (I much prefer Powder), Lipsticks (v. tempted), a Peach Blur Finishing Powder (still want this!), Cream Blush (never wear blush, Cream or otherwise), Foundation, Primer, loose Powder and Setting Spray, so you can see why it’s difficult to just select a few items!

The Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette is full of gorgeous warm tones, they are all Matte, super easy to blend and very creamy. I love the packaging, the palette feels very sturdy and I like the fact that it’s not too big, some palettes are so cumbersome, if they’re really big I never reach for them. Strange I know.

The Sweetie Pie Bronzer was a must have for me. It looks so beautiful, it has a ‘woven’ pattern of different Bronzer shades with a coral background, there is a gold lustre on top, however this is literally just a dusting on top of the product, a light touch with your finger will remove it.

The Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder has become a new favourite product, I absolutely love it! It’s very fine, infused with Peach and fig, and sets under eye concealer beautifully! I love the shade, it literally is a very light Peachy shade, perfect for brightening under the eyes. I’m really pleased with items I bought, Too Faced rarely disappoints!

I think all three items cost me about £113, that was with taxes and shipping. I ordered it on the 31st August and it arrived on the 11th September, Sephora use a service called Borderfree to process international orders, which means they do all the customs charges at point of purchase.

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara-First Impressions

I have been on a bit of a mascara binge recently, I’ve had:- Too Faced Better than Sex, Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir, Nip+Fab mascara, Rimmel Volume Shake, NYX Professional Makeup Doll Eye (volume and long Lash versions), L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll, L’Oréal Paradise, Tarte Lights Camera Lashes, and most recently Urban Decay Perversion. That’s a whole lotta Lash!!! There are a few favourites, but most of them are fairly mediocre, they fulfil their purpose but aren’t not particularly ‘wow’. How you judge a mascara depends on what you want from it, for me, I want as big, fluffy, long and voluminous lashes as possible, I want something that looks like false lashes, but isn’t!

So when I saw that Urban Decay was launching a new mascara, I was very excited. I like UD’s Perversion mascara, I only started using it recently though, I bought it on an offer with the Perversion Liner, both products work really well and I have been happy with the results.

The packaging is everything you would expect from UD, the box is a sort of metallic purple, a bit like oil on water. The actual tube is same, reflects purple and green, with a clear cover over it. I love UD packaging, its of hard and grungy, and of course ‘urban’.

On to the product, Troublemaker Mascara claims to give super-fat, super-long lashes, in fact it says it gives 13.7 X the volume (why such a random amount?), and that it is sex proof! I’ve only worn it today, and having not yet been in a position to test how sex proof it is (later maybe!) we’ll have to just focus on the volume and length! The applicator is what I call a ‘prickly’ brush, these style of brushes are great for getting right to the root, for separating and covering each and every Lash. Personally, I think the brush is more of a deal breaker to finding the right mascara than the actual product itself, after all, if you can’t get on with the applicator, how are you going to get the product on to your lashes? I tend to favour the more traditional brushes, having said that I don’t like the really big, chunky brushes, I find it’s hard to be precise and get into the roots of the lashes. This brush gives a really good coating of mascara, from root to tip, it also catches all those fine wispy lower Lashes.

Above is after one coat, which I think is pretty good! The photo below is how my lashes looked before the mascara, as you can see they are quite fine.

So to summarise, I think this mascara is pretty impactful. It feels nice on the lashes (I’ve had some mascara’s that make Lashes feel hard and plastic). It doesn’t say that it’s waterproof, although it is sex-proof apparently! It also claims to curl the lashes too, as I always use lash curlers I can’t really tell. I’m not sure it will replace my absolute favourite, but I do think it’s a damn close runner up.

Available from Urban Decay website, £19.50

Thanks for reading, Mo x