7 Days 7 Facemasks! Shills Snail Essence Sheet Mask

So I set myself this challenge of trying out 7 different Sheet masks across 7 days. Day 1 was the Snail Essence 4D mask from Korean beauty brand Shills, it was in this months Glossy Box.


It says on the packaging ‘awakens Skin for a fresh healthy glow, Wrinkle smoothing 4D mask’.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), cumumber extract, Hyalurosan 1% (a highly refined hyaluronic acid), r-PGA 1% ( I think this is retinol, but I couldn’t find much about it), Snail Secretion Filtrate (the slime! Although it’s packed with all sorts of skincare goodies-hyaluronic acid, Glycoprotein, Proteoglycons and microbial and copper peptides!), there are more ingredients but I think these are largely preservatives. In short, this mask is saturated with super-hydrators!

It applies in the same way as any other sheet mask, I didn’t notice the pieces that hook around the ears though. On the face it feels nice, it’s very wet, has a pleasant fresh fragrance and doesn’t feel at all slimy. I must confess that the idea of ‘Snail secretions’ did gross me out a bit, but to be honest, if you didn’t know that’s what it was you’d never guess. I left it on for 20 minutes, then Shills advise to massage the residue into the skin.

The mask left my skin very soft and incredibly hydrated, my wrinkles were diminished, including the horrible horizontal line I have in between my eyes (it’s a frown line, apparently you’re either a forehead or a nose frowner, I’m most definitely a nose frowner!). I will buy this mask again as it really made a difference. I’ll never look at a snail in the same way again!!!

Shills Snail Essence Sheet Mask is available from and costs £1.99.


L’Oréal Lash Paradise Extatic-First Impressions

I have been waiting (impatiently) for this mascara to hit our shores, I've seen so many YouTubers, Instagrammers and influencers rave about it! I generally find drugstore mascara's disappointing, but this one has the dupe factor!

Literally everything about this mascara screams dupe, the packaging, the brush and of course, the product. I have tried many mascara's, my ride or die has always been Too Faced's Better Than Sex, I've gone through loads of them. The only time my loyalty waivered, was with Marc Jacobs' Velvet Noir, although as this is even more expensive than the TF one, I haven't repurchased it.

The packaging of the US version, is much more like the TF mascara, in the UK it's more of a metallic peach tube. The name is also slightly different, here it's Lash Paradise Extatic as opposed to Voluminous Lash Paradise. Also in comes in four shades in the states whilst here there is just one.

So on to the product. The brush is incredibly similar to the TF one, as indeed is the mascara. It's enriched with Castor Oil, so it leaves the lashes very soft and feeling conditioned. I have worn it for three days running and it hasn't flaked, or shed any particles under my eyes, something which used to happen sometimes with Better Than Sex. The volume and lengthening this mascara gives is amazing, it's easily comparable to it's more expensive counterpart.

So do I think it's a dupe? Absolutely, it's by far the best mascara I've used for a long while!

L'Oréal Paradise Extatic Mascara is currently £9.99 in Boots.

Thanks for reading, Mo x


 Summer Must Haves! 

Being as the British weather is being kind and we are actually enjoying ‘proper’ summer weather, I thought I’d list my favourite summer 2017 products. So grab your sunnies, pour yourself a cocktail, and take a seat on your sun lounger, although probably the sound of next doors lawnmower will be replacing the sea!!! 

For me, summer is all about glowing skin, I favour a golden glow, so my first product is the fabulous EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation, I have blogged about it before but I seriously cannot get enough of this golden hued foundation. It gives such a healthy glow as it looks like you’ve been just slightly kissed by the sun! 

I have been trying out various Primers to help keep Foundation in place in the heat, I have found The Ordinary’s High Adherence Silicone Primer works really well, not just as the first makeup step, but also as the last step of skincare. ELF Aqua Primer Mist is also a good choice as it’s very refreshing and contains vitamins B and E plus cucumber. A luxurious choice is YSL Touché Eclat Blur Primer, it feels gorgeous on the skin and has those golden flecks. 

Next up is a product I am obsessed with, Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter is possibly the most stunning liquid highlighter ever! Just one pump delivers enough golden gorgeousness to highlight cheek bones, Brow bone, and any other areas you want illuminate. I apply mine with a damp sponge and it works a treat. As it contains coconut, just the aroma alone transports you to a tropical island! 

My go to Bronzer has always been a little known product from Michael Kors, however I believe it’s been discontinued which is really annoying as it was perfect. So I have been using Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze, I do find it’s a little deeper in shade, and also it’s Matte whereas my Michael Kors one has a very slight shimmer. A more purse friendly Matte Bronzer is from NYX Professional Makeup, I use the medium shade, it’s great for warming up a contour! 

Concealer is always my ride or die Tarte Shape Tape, I’m not sure anything will ever top this amazing product. Gives fantastic coverage and feels kind of refreshing when applied under the eyes. 

Obviously for makeup in the heat, you don’t want to much Powder, So to set my concealer and foundation I’ve been loving Makeup Forever’s Super Matte Loose Powder.  As I’ve been using liquid highlighter I’ve tried not to be quite so excessive with powder products, which is quite challenging for me as I LOVE powder, I find a light dusting of this works really well and doesn’t kill the  glow. 

I have been using Urban Decays Naked Heat Palette a lot, it contains all those lovely coppers, rusts, reds and browns that I absolutely adore! I have used NYX Professional Makeup’s Vivid Brights Liner in the Sapphire shade with the blue mascara, to give this Copper smokey eye a bit more of an edge. I did this look then saw that Patrick Starr had a very similar tutorial on his channel!! I just think summer is a time to play with colour and be more adventurous! It’s worth mentioning that NYX Professional Makeup’s Warm Neutrals Palette is a bit of a dupe for the UD Heat Palette,  at just £16, it’s an absolute bargain! 

It is very effective to layer powder highlighter over a liquid one, MAC Cosmetics Double Gleam Extra Dimension Skinfinish compliments the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops perfectly. Jouer’s Citrine also works beautifully. 

For summer lips, I have been using YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil in Stick, this is a super moisturising lip product, it gives a fairly sheer colour with a shine finish, made with 65% oils they are incredibly hydrating. They have a fruity fragrance, always nice in the summer! And the awesome packaging is handbag worthy, I like to keep my prettiest products in my bag, it’s nice to show them off! 

Lastly, no summer makeup would be complete without Setting Spray, this stuff really helps to keep everything in place and looking pristine. My absolute favourite is NYX Professional Makeup’s Matte Setting Spray although they masked a dewy version too. These are also very refreshing to just spritz on throughout the day. I love the Marc Jacobs Coconut Setting Spray too, it’s another product which has that beautiful tropical coconut fragrance, however I find I can’t use this more than once a day as it makes my skin feel a little sticky/tacky to the touch, which is a shame. I’m still keeping it on my ‘must haves’ list though, purely because the aroma lifts you to a far off place, and that is priceless! 

Summer fragrances are not generally my thing, I really love Michael Kors’ Coral though, partly because coral is my favourite colour (it’s my happy place), and because it smells like holiday to me. 

Thanks for reading, Mo x


July Review

So we are half way through the year already, we’ve had the longest  day so let’s start the countdown to Christmas-only joking, though I’m pretty sure the shops will be selling decorations in a couple of weeks!!! This time of year always feels like the dry season as far as makeup launches go, we’ve had all the lovely spring/summer launches and it’s too early for autumn/winter. With that in mind, this review is not quite as meaty as my usual monthly roundups.


I’ve been trying out various primers recently, this month I three new ones to play with. First up, are two from NYX Professional Makeup, Angel Veil and Soft Focus. Angel Veil is an oil free Primer, it’s very mattifying, so it’s great for oily skin. It’s does leave a noticeable ‘veil’ over the skin upon application, you can really tell it’s a Matte product, this also helps with the longevity of foundation, as it gives it something to cling to. Soft Focus is a tinted primer, it comes in three shades, I have the shade Light which I still felt was a bit deeper than my skin tone, once applied on to my face it was fine. This has a very silky feel, as the name implies it helps to blur fine lines and pores. Angel Veil is £13 and Soft Focus is £11, available from Boots. 

I was really excited to find ELF products are being stocked in my local Superdrug, this is a brand I see frequently on social media but has never been accessible in the UK. So far I have been really impressed with the products I have bought. I like Spray Primers as they are generally non-greasy and absorb easily. ELF Aqua Primer Mist is packed with antioxidants, contains cucumber, vitamins B and E, and I noticed it also contains coffee extract, which of course helps to wake up and de-puff. It’s very refreshing and has a decent spray (nothing worse than being hit in the face by a limp squirt!), this pumps a fine and even mist. All this for just £9. 

Next up is my only new foundation this month, which is pretty unusual for me! NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation has been all over Instagram and YouTube since it was launched in the states, what seems like a lifetime ago (I’m super impatient!). I ordered mine from when it first launched, so I had to guess my shade, I opted for shade 5 Light, which has neutral undertones. In hindsight I’d have gone for a slightly deeper shade, although by the time I have contoured and bronzed it’s an ok shade. There are 24 shades to choose from, these have cool, warm or neutral undertones. The foundation itself comes in a glass bottle with a pipette, so you can create that whole YouTube teardrop scenario! The foundation is medium coverage but can be built up to full coverage by dropping a little extra on to areas that need it, I initially apply a drop to my forehead and on each cheek then blend, anywhere I feel needs a little extra coverage, I apply an drop. It’s an oil free foundation and has a Matte finish, it also has an ingredient which allows it to move with your skin, so it doesn’t settle in lines or pores, and helps to plump the skin. It’s feels very lightweight which is unusual for Matte full coverage foundation. It costs £14 for 13ml, so the bottle is smaller than most foundations, it also means that £’s per ml it costs the same as Urban Decay and MAC! 

ELF Translucent Mattifying Powder was another ‘insta made me buy it’ purchase, not that I’m complaining as it’s a good blotting Powder and it was only £4.50! There’s not much more to say except that it’s a good product but not particularly outstanding. I do like the packaging, it comes in a Matte black compact, that’s really sturdy, good to have in your handbag!


I absolutely love Sleek highlighter palettes, so I was pretty excited when they launched a new one, right at the end of May. The Distorted Dreams Palette is a mix of powder and cream/balms. I featured this product in my Unicorn Highlighter blog post prior to this so I’ll simply say, if you love holographic, prismatic highlighters, then this is a Palette you definitely need! £10.99 from Boots and Superdrug. 

I don’t usually like liquid Highlighters as I have oily skin and as I use a lot of powder I find they lose a lot of their impact. If I apply them on top of powder they will either make my base go patchy or break apart (you shouldn’t put liquid over powder for that very reason) so they are a product group which doesn’t generally appeal to me. However the allure of Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in the shade Halo was just too strong! I gave in and finally bought it, I do still think it’s pretty expensive at £34 though, no matter how Unicorn worthy it is! I use it mostly as a background highlighter, which I later with powder, it gives a very multi-dimensional glow. I find it works best after foundation but before Powder, I apply it with a damp beauty blender. 

Another favourite is the NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Illuminator in the shade Sunbeam, I was a bit sceptical about this product for all the reasons I mentioned above, but this highlighter is really intense so it gives a good glow even with a dusting of face powder over it. Also this Illuminator is much more reasonably priced at £9, there are four shades to choose from. 

Lastly is a brand I have not come across before, Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo Illuminator was in June’s Glossy Box, upon trying it out I was really impressed with this product. It gave a smooth sheen to the skin, it has a slightly pink shine to it and is really pretty. Around £22 for 30ml. 


The big purchase of the month was Urban Decays Naked Heat Palette, I really wanted this Palette and I was lucky enough to get it on early release from the UD website. Its the same price as the other Naked Palettes, £39.50 for 12 eyeshadows. I love any kind of red/orange/copper/maroon makeup so this palette is perfect for me. I have heard mixed reviews about the pigmentation although personally I haven’t had any issues, all of the shadows are beautiful and great quality. I love pairing these shadows with electric blue eyeliner, which brings me neatly to my next product. 

NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Eyeliner in the shade Sapphire combined with their blue Mascara have literally been my go to items when using the UD Heat Palette, only after posting my finished look to Instagram did I realise that Patrick Starr had done pretty much the same look on YouTube! Vivid Brights Liquid Liner is £5.50 and there are nine shades to choose from, the mascara is £6 and there are currently four shades in stock on the website. 

That’s pretty much it for June, I have an awful lot of NYX Professional Makeup to review but I will do so in a separate blog post as there’s quite a lot!! 

Thanks for reading, Mo x


Unicorn Highlighters! 

This is a review of my favourite ‘unicorn’ highlighters, so any highlighter which is classed as duo chrome, holographic or prismatic. I absolutely love this type of Illuminator, it’s so pretty and of course they’re ideal for festival season. They’re in no particular order, I love them all equally!!


This is fabulous highlighter, it reflects Violet from white, this is an incredible product. I don’t buy all that much from MAC anymore as I don’t feel particularly inspired by the brand, however, every now and then, they produce something wonderful, Soft Frost is that wonderful!

MUA COSMETICS UNDRESS YOUR SKIN-Pearlescent Sheen & Ice Sparkle £3 each 7.5g

These are both very pretty and unique highlighters, best of all they’re only £3 each!!! Both shades are really densely pigmented, it’s crazy that they have such a tiny price tag because they are fabulous! Pearlescent Sheen is an Ivory powder which reflects a pale blue.

Ice Sparkle isn’t technically a Unicorn highlighter, as it doesn’t change colour. I think it deserves to be here though purely because it’s such an unusual shade, ten out of ten for originality MUA, I have not come across a blue highlighter from any other brand.

NYX DUO CHROMATIC ILLUMINATING POWDER-Twilight Tint, Lavender Steel & Snow Rose £9 each

These three Highlighters are pure unicorn!! They are very soft, fine powders that have amazing pigmentation. Twilight Tint is white with a blue colour shift. It’s quite difficult to capture the blue on camera.

Snow Rose is white with a pinky shift.

Lavender Steel has a simply stunning Violet shift. Swatch only for this shade as unfortunately it shattered!


I love Becca Highlighters, this one in particular is so pretty and again, is beautifully pigmented. The only thing I do find with Becca, is that they seem very fragile, I know most Powder Illuminators are very vulnerable to breakage but the Becca ones seem to be more so.


This is another bargain highlighter, just £3! It’s an Ivory coloured powder which has the most incredible mint green colour shift. I just read a couple of reviews about this product where people said the pigmentation is almost too much, and that they didn’t realise it has a green shift. It really is intense! The only problem with this highlighter is that the shade shift will not show up on camera! I’ve tried different lights, camera angles and all sorts but I just can’t get it to ‘Flash’!!!


Oh my, I wanted this Liquid Highlighter for such a long time, I was a bit obsessed with it! It’s a very versatile product, it can be used under, over or mixed with foundation, it gives a stunning blue/violet shift from a milky fluid. I still feel it’s a bit on the expensive side as it’s not a product you will use everyday, although I haven’t found anything similar to it from any other (less expensive) brand.

SLEEK-Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette £10.99
The only palette in this review and it’s a new one!! I am a huge fan of Sleek Highlighters, I have all of them except the Midas Touch Palette. This latest offering is a mix of powders and creams, though I feel it’s more of a balm texture. All of the crem/balm shades are gorgeous, especially the centre shade, which is sadly the smallest pan in the palette!


Again this isn’t truly a Unicorn highlighter as it doesn’t have a colour shift, it’s here purely because it’s a beautiful and pretty unusual shade. I love lavender and lilac coloured products and I feel they still have a sort of mystical quality to them! As it’s a creamy stick, it works well on its own and as a layering highlighter, so if you apply Powder over it you get a very intense effect which looks multi-dimensional. Also works beautifully on the shoulders and collar bones!

I HEART MAKEUP-Unicorn Heart Rainbow Highlighter £4.99

Well it had to be here! By it’s very nature it’s a Unicorn Highlighter! To be honest I don’t really wear it very much, it’s in my collection purely because it’s aesthetically pleasing. Having said all that, it is actually a lovely pot of glow!


This is a limited edition highlighter, so I guess it won’t be around forever, it’s a 20th anniversary edition. I really like the Baked Gelato Swirls, I have the shade Ballerina too, I think I used it everyday last summer! This is a white swirly powder which reflects pink, peach and sometimes I can see other shades in it too! My only criticism is that the pan is pretty small.


This is an amazing product, a white stick with a vibrant lilac shift! Again as it’s a stock it’s great for layering and using on the body. I feel like it could be a dupe for the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick.

Now, there are other ‘Unicornesque’ Highlighters in my collection, KVD’s Alchemist Palette plus ABH’s Moonchild and Aurora Glow Kits are obviously holographic/Prismatic type products but oddly I don’t reach for them very much. I’m not sure why this is, maybe because I tend to grab solitary/small items when doing my daily makeup. I don’t tend to use blusher Palettes either. Ah the psychology of the makeup junkie!

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments what your favourite unicorn product is! Mo x


Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation, First Impressions 

Another week another new foundation! Obviously this ones been around for a while but it’s new to me! Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer (that’s one hell of a title!) is another YouTuber favourite, it’s also a product which is only available online in the UK, making shade matching a bit difficult. There are a few online companies selling Milani,  I bought my foundation from BeautyB at the IMATS, so at least I could try the shades before purchasing. I have the shades 03 Light Beige, which is perfect for summer as I fake tan. It’s a really good shade, as it’s not at all orange, it’s just a slightly deeper Beige than I would normally wear. 

I applied 1 pump of the foundation with my Morphe M444 brush, it really is full coverage and although Milani do say that for areas needing extra coverage, apply a little more foundation as you would a regular concealer. To be honest, this stuff has such good coverage, I didn’t really need to Conceal as well, it even covers dark circles pretty well. I did still use my Tarte Shape Tape Concealer but as a brightening Matte highlighter. The foundation does have a slightly thicker consistency but it’s not difficult to apply, nor does it feel or look cakey on the skin. It’s an oil free, matte foundation and it stays matte all day, which is great for anyone like myself with oily skin. It’s water resistant and sweat-proof too, it didn’t break up on my nose or anywhere else for that matter! It does not contain a sunscreen, so it won’t flashback in photos. 

To summarise, I think this is a great foundation, it’s definitely one of my favourites, I will repurchase it when it runs out although maybe a lighter shade for the winter. 

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer is available in 14 shades, and is around £13 for 30ml. 

Thanks for reading, Mo x


May Review

It’s so funny how every month, when I do this review, I think ‘Oh I haven’t bought very much this month’, then I look over my instagram and realise the extent of the makeup addiction! This month I feel like a lot of my purchases have been drugstore/bargain beauty products, many of which I have already reviewed in previous blog posts in the last few weeks. So I will be focusing on the items I have not yet reviewed. 


I have tried four new foundations this month, which is a bit excessive even for me! First up, a foundation I have wanted to try for a while, Milani Conceal and Perfect is a bit of a YouTuber favourite, it’s another brand which isn’t readily available in the UK, so the only option is to buy on the internet. The issue is always choosing a shade, especially if you are not very familiar with the brand. I had heard that Milani foundation is not great for anyone with a fair skin tone, so I figured my NC20 skin might struggle. However I ended up buying shade 03 Light Beige, as I fake tan in the summer and most of my foundations end up being far too  light, I checked Beauty Bays website, it says Light Beige is for light skin with neutral undertones. Perfect and Conceal is a 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer, it’s Matte, full coverage and has good longevity. It stayed on all day when I wore it, it didn’t break up on my oily nose like many foundations do, I will say that it does feel quite dense, it’s not a lightweight foundation but that’s the price you pay for very full coverage, and as you know I love full coverage! I think at £13 for 30ml it’s a bargain, 14 shades available from Beauty B and Beauty Bay websites. 

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation is another product with a cult following, its loved by makeup artists and celebrities alike and I can totally understand why. Apparently Adele wore it when she collected her BRIT awards! The foundation comes in 12 shades, all of which are golden toned, golden not orange! I have shade 3.0 and it is beautiful, it really is a fabulous golden hued foundation, it reminds me of that gorgeous JLo glow that always seems impossible to achieve! I absolutely love it, out of all the things I bought at the IMATS, this is the product I’ve used most! I was lucky enough to receive a set of EX1 products, which I will do a separate post about. EX1 Invisiwear Foundation is an absolute steal at £12.50 for 30ml, available from Guru Makeup Emporium website. 

Next is a Primer I’ve wanted to try for a long time, Touché Eclat Blur Primer from Yves Saint Laurent. Mostly because it has golden glittery particles in it, it’s one of those products that just radiates luxury! When you apply it to your skin it feels beautiful, it’s very silky, those golden particles help to Illuminate the skin. It made my skin feel very smooth and it looked even.  I was given a sample of the Touché Eclat Foundation to try as I wasn’t sure how it would sit on my skin, upon application it looked amazing on top of the Primer,  as the day went on though, I felt that they would probably perform much better on normal/dry skin types, my oily nose literally went into overdrive and I was dealing with a full on oil slick! The Primer works well on my non-oily areas but sadly I think the foundation is not for me. Touché Eclat Blur Primer is £29.50 from most departing stores. 

Urban Decay One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector is a repurchase, I originally bought it last year when it first launched and I wasn’t over impressed with it as a foundation. For me, this product works great as a tinted Primer, it makes my skin feel very soft and look even, it’s not greasy and it’s very lightweight. It’s also packed full of nourishing ingredients including Peptides and Vitamins. On the packaging, it says that One & Done will immediately improve the look of skin tone for up to 8 hours, gives significant improvement in radiance after 12 weeks, significantly firmer feeling skin after 12 weeks, and visibly smaller looking pores after 8 weeks. If you are like me and struggle to find a primer that works on oily/combination skin, then give it a go. I do of course realise that this product wasn’t really designed to be a primer, but for me, it doesn’t have the coverage that I like from a foundation but I do love how it feels and looks in my skin. One & Done is available from their website and most department stores, £28 for 40ml, 6 shades. 

Other base products, Nip+Fab foundation, ELF Primer and Foundation have been reviewed in previous posts. 

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is my absolute ride or die, if you haven’t tried it-do! I bought a different shade this time, I got a slightly lighter shade as usually it’s sold out! Available from the Tarte website, they ship worldwide, do taxes at point of purchase, often do discounts or free shipping so I recommend signing up to their mailing list! £19 but I think it works out at about £24 with tax. 


Oddly enough, it’s been a dry month for highlighters, they are my favourite product but I haven’t felt that inspired with this months new launches. I did buy the Laura Gellar 20th Anniversary Edition Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in the shade Diamond Dust though. It’s a highlighter which appeals to my inner unicorn, it has a colour ‘flash’, it’s a holographic Illuminator and it’s so incredibly pretty! Be warned, if you’ve not bought a Laura Gellar Illuminator before, they are a bit on the small side, 4.5g of product for £21, available from Debenhams, Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty. 

I really like Makeup Revolution Highlighters and Strobe Powders, I’ve been a bit slow to catch on to their latest offering, the Skin Kiss Highlighters. They were literally all over Instagram when they first launched, I would usually have got them straight away but I have a really large collection of highlighters and these looked like other ones I already have. I was in my local Superdrug, and although I didn’t think they stocked this particular collection there was a few random Skin Kiss Highlighters, just sitting on the shelf. I bought the shade Ice Kiss, it is quite similar to some of my other highlighters so I’m not hugely blown away by it. I will say though, that the product itself is huge, 14g for just £5! Available from Superdrug and Tam Beauty website. 

There was a fair bit of highlighter in my Primark Mermaid Collection haul, reviewed in a separate post. 

I bought the first Urban Decay Naked Palette, mostly because it’s one of those Palettes that everyone seems to own, it’s almost a rite of passage! I haven’t used it yet, it’s still pristine in its box, I will review it in a separate post. 

Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette has been my latest obsession! I’m so pleased I have it, I honestly think if I hadn’t bought it, I would have been haunted by it forever! It has everything you need all in one place, base, crease, transition, pop shade and highlight! Such a good product and my first ever Violet Voss purchase (though probably not my last!). I purchased mine from Beauty B, £42.95 they still have them in stock. 

NYX Perfect Filter Palette in the shade Rustic Antique is my other favourite palette of the month! This palette comes in 5 different colour options! The shades in mine are all very warm toned rusts, oranges and neutrals. It’s very pigmented and blends beautifully! Available from the NYX UK website, £16. 


This is another product which I kept coming across on YouTube, Yves Saint Laurent Oil in Stick Lipstick, Ready To Care and Shine Lip Colour. I have the shade Nude, it’s quite a sheer wash of colour, and has a pink tone to it. It makes lips feel incredibly soft, I get quite sore lips and I’ve been using this almost every day, it feels lovely! I also adore the packaging!!! Although the shade I have is sheer, some shades have an intense depth of colour. It’s more on the expensive side at £27, available from department stores and the YSL website. 


I was fortunate enough to receive Kiehls Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil to try last month, I absolutely loved it, so I bought two more of these products, the Midnight Recovery Eye and Concerntrate. Oh my! I’m not usually into skincare, but these products are so wonderful, packed full of Essential oils and Botanicals. They smell incredible, Lavender is something that you really notice, but it’s not just that, there’s something very calming and warm about the fragrance. I think that whilst many products contain oils, it’s the grade and quality of the oil that are important, the Kiehls’ products are amazing, I think this could be my next obsession! Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil is £32 for 175ml, Midnight Recovery Concentrate is £38 for 30ml and Midnight Recovery Eye is £26 for 15ml. 

Finally, I purchased some skincare products from The Ordinary, this is such a cool brand, inexpensive, effective products, minimalist packaging, their ethos is ‘Clinical Formulations with Integrity’, which I feel kind of sums them up perfectly. I will review these on separately because I feel there’s a lot to say about these awesome products. Again, I feel this brand could become a bit of an obsession too!!

So concludes this month roundup, please check out my Primark and IMATS haul blogs too for other products I’ve bought this month! 

Thanks for reading, Mo x