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Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Coconut Collection

If you follow my Instagram you’ll know that although I love all things makeup, my favourite premium brand is Marc Jacobs, so I couldn’t resist the new Rose Gold Coconut Collection! This collection consists of an eyeshadow palette, Rose Gold liquid gel highlighter and bronzer. There is also a loose setting powder, a new edition to the core collection.

The Eye-conic Eyeshadow Palette, in the shade Fantascene, contains Eyeshadows in four different finishes:- velvet, satin, silk and lame. There are seven shades in the palette, each pan contains 0.85g of product, so they are quite small. The shades themselves are very consistent, all the shades are evenly pigmented and smooth when applied. They blend very well, and because the pigmentation is good you don’t need to use a huge amount of each eyeshadow. I think the range of shades in the palette is pretty good, there is a base shade, some transition and crease shades, and good ‘pop’ shades. It’s perfect for doing summer/sunset eyes! The packaging is gorgeous, it feels very sturdy and is very pleasing to touch, it’s smooth and luxurious. I think that white with rose gold writing looks very chic. £39 from Net-a-Porter.

The Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in the shade Fantasy, is fabulous. It has the same coconut scent as original Dew You shade, and feels the same texture wise. As with the original version, this highlighter can be used under, over or mixed with foundation, I prefer it on top, applied with a damp beauty blender, it gives a proper glowy sheen, no glitter here! It’s also perfect for the shoulders and anywhere you want a gorgeous glow! It’s a good size 24ml, and the bottle has a pump dispenser, £32.

I didn’t get the O’Mega bronzer, I already have it from last year and literally the only difference is that this years has rose gold writing and clasp.

I did get the new Finish Line Perfecting Coconut Setting Powder, my that big ol title! The shade is 34 Invisible, I think this is the only shade this comes in though. The container is again, a smooth luxurious pot, inside there is a mesh area which powder is dispensed through. The powder is very silky, suitable for all skin types, is infused with refreshing electrolytes and coconut polysaccharides, and it has a gorgeous coconut derived scent! £32 for 8g.

I love all of the coconut collection, including last years primer, setting spray, bronzer and eye primer, there’s something incredibly luxurious about all that white packaging, and the coconut scent is reminiscent of tropical islands. It’s all so beautiful that you almost don’t want to use it! I feel it’s very sad news that Marc Jacobs are pulling out of the U.K., I managed to get this new collection from Net-a-Porter, as far as I can tell once John Lewis sell through their remaining stock they will no longer stock the brand, so best stock up now!

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation, A First Impressions

I’ve been meaning to try this foundation for such a long time, I love the Lasting Perfection Concealer, it’s a fantastic concealer for a tiny price! The foundation is also very inexpensive, it retails at £5.99 but the brand is usually on an offer.

Collection have recently launched new shades, I bought the shade Warm Beige, which is one of the new ones. The shade range is tiny, there are only ten, including the new shades. The actual product itself is packaged in a frosted glass bottle and has a pump dispenser. I didn’t buy the matching primer (although I’ve heard it’s actually rather good), so I used my ELF Mineral Face Primer. The first thing you notice when applying it is that it has pretty good coverage, it’s more than medium but quite full. It’s also very dewy, now generally I’m more of a matte kind of girl, but I do own a couple of dewy finish foundations, I can honestly say this is the ‘dewiest’ foundation I have ever used! I powdered it as I would any foundation as I’m quite oily, also if you’re used to a matte finish an Illuminating foundation can be a bit scary, oiliness and dewiness equate to the same thing, shine, which I spend my life trying to avoid! I had also assumed that it would not last long on my skin, because I always find the dewy finish foundations break up easier on my oily T zone, but I think this foundation lasts pretty well. I had heard that it doesn’t have good longevity, but I didn’t find it to be an issue. It also has a very natural finish, it’s not heavy and it doesn’t oxidise.

So to summarise, I actually think this is a decent foundation, don’t be put off by the fact that it’s very inexpensive (I found it as cheap as £3.99 in Boots), but even at £5.99 it’s still a good price, for 30ml of product. It’s also a good way of trying out an Illuminating foundation, if you fancy a more glowy look for the summer.

Available from Boots and Superdrug.

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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April Review, A Month in Makeup

So we have entered the month of May when all the new summer makeup seems to launch, and obviously, as you can’t buy everything, you have to work out what is actually useful to you versus the frivolous Festival makeup that you will never use! Unless you are actually going to a festival, in which case, buy all the holographic glitter stuff you want!


Only a couple of base products this month. First up, YSL All Hours Foundation. I bought this on the recommendation of other Instagrammers, and I’m so pleased I did! This foundation is beautiful, it gives excellent coverage but still looks natural on the skin, has a matte finish and great longevity. I have the shade Warm Beige which is a good match for me. I love the refreshing scent this has too. This foundation is available in 22 shades, £35 for 25ml.

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation is a product I have been meaning to try for ages. I really love the Lasting Perfection Concealer so I was intrigued by the foundation. They have recently launched some new shades, although the shade range is still pretty small. I have the shade Warm Beige 3, which is one of the new ones, and it’s a good match. Although Collection is an inexpensive drugstore brand, this foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump, so it actually feels more expensive than it is. The coverage is more than medium but not quite full, and obviously as it’s an illuminating foundation it’s has a pretty dewy finish, but as I always set my foundation with powder that tends to disappear anyway. I had heard that it doesn’t last very long on the skin, but I was quite impressed with how long it lasted, it stayed on all day with only a minimal touch up, which I don’t think is too bad. It felt very light weight on the skin and didn’t break up on my oily nose. Well worth trying if you fancy a dewy foundation for the summer. It is only available in 10 shades, but then it’s only £5.99 for 30ml, and it’s usually in some sort of offer/promotion in Boots or Superdrug.

The new Revolution Pro brand launched in my local Superdrug this month, so I thought I try out some of their new products. The Full Cover Camouflage Concealer I had my eye on because concealer is one of my favourite products. This is a waterproof formula much like NYX Professional Makeup’s Gotcha Covered, it does give excellent coverage, but for me it’s a little too heavy for the undereye area, it’s one of those formulas that has a kind of sticky gel like texture, and looks very shiny and ‘wet’ when applied so you have to use a lot of powder to set it, but then you have a lot of product heaped on to a very delicate and thin area of skin. I know many people love this type of concealer but it’s not for me. To be fair, it does say it’s for covering blemishes, scars, birthmarks and even tattoos. It’s available in 18 shades, you can’t knock Revolution when it comes to being inclusive. £5 from Superdrug and Tam Beauty website.


This month I discovered a liquid highlighter which has blown me away! The L’Oreal Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops in the shade 01 Sparkling Love is simply stunning, it’s most beautiful gleaming champagne shade, it’s not glittery it just gives an awesome sheen! I really cannot emphasise enough how gorgeous this product is. I apply it with a damp beauty blender and it doesn’t move or break apart my foundation, which is the issue I usually have with liquid highlighter. You can mix it with your foundation for a glowy look, or even mix it with body lotion. It’s available in 2 shades, £9.99 from Boots and Superdrug.

Another L’Oréal product I have been loving is the La Vie En Glow Highlighter Palette, this is a gorgeous little palette consisting of five shades, I like to layer it on top of the Highlighting Drops for a more dimensional glow. Again this product is available in two shade options, I have the Cool Glow version. £12.99 from Boots and Superdrug.

Lastly from L’Oréal, Bonjour Sunshine is a ‘Tanned Skin Embellisher’, which I guess is a liquid bronzer. It’s nice shade of bronzer, and it works well layered with your foundation or even mixed with it! I have used it to contour and it works well. I believe this is only available in one shade at the moment. £8.99 from Boots and Superdrug, L’Oréal is usually on a 3 for 2 offer!

My final highlighter of the month was the Bourjois Le Petit Strober, I don’t have anything from Bourjois as it’s a brand which doesn’t really grab me but as this was new I thought I’d try it. It is quite small in size (it’s in one the pots which their blushers, Eyeshadows and indeed most of their powder products seem to come in), and has a tiny brush inside. This is accurately called a ‘Strober’ as it gives a very muted sheen and not a full on highlight. For me, it’s a bit of a ‘meh’ product, it’s alright but it’s not setting the world on fire! £6.99 only available in one shade presently.


Not much action in the eye department this month. I did buy one incredibly beautiful palette though, which again, was another drugstore find. The Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Intoxicate is perfect for summer, it has all those gorgeous fiery sunset shades, plus some fabulous shimmer pop shades! These shadows are stunning, the quality is excellent, they blend beautifully, the pigmentation is spot on and I’m obsessed with this palette. Oh and the other amazing thing… the price, these palettes are just £6!! I highly recommend trying this palette. Available from Superdrug and the Tam Beauty website.

I also bought a couple of Revolution Pro’s brow products. First up is the Brow Cushion, yes you read it right, CUSHION! I have the shade Taupe, which is my usual go to shade for any brow product. It is literally a little cushion compact, you dip your brush in as you would with a pomade, however unlike a pomade, the colour is quite thin and watery so you really have to build it. I didn’t find it was particularly good for shaping the brow, it doesn’t have enough pigment to get a decent edge. It’s ok for filling in but for me, there are better products. I also found the shade to be a little warmer than I like my brows to be! Available in 8 shades, £5 each.

The other brow product was the Microblading Effect Precision Eyebrow Pencil, also in the shade Taupe. To look at it’s very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, the actual product is also quite similar but it’s not quite a dupe, I found the Revolution Pencil a little bit harder, so you have to work it a bit more. I also had the same issue with the shade as I did with the cushion, the Taupe has a little too much warmth, it’s more like a dark blonde, whereas anyone who uses the Taupe shade in the ABH Brow Wiz or the NYX Professional Makeup’s Micro Brow will tell you, Taupe is a cool tone, it has absolutely no warmth. I do think it’s a good back up product though, partly because it costs just £4, but having said that, I use an Elf Pencil as a reserve product, which is a better shade and a pound cheaper! Available in 8 shades.

I found Too Faced’s Size Queen Mascara in TK Maxx, I’d never tried it before but it was a bargain! Now I’d assumed that the name referred to how big it was gonna make your lashes, but no, it in fact refers to the size of the brush, because it is huge! It’s so vast that it’s quite difficult to use, which is annoying because the actual mascara is pretty nice. Anyway, I think it was about £5.99, so I won’t lose sleep over it! My plan is to use it with a more regular sized spoolie!

One last eye product, YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara in the shade I’m The Trouble, I absolutely love colourful mascaras and this electric blue was is fabulous, I love it with a sunset eye, so beautiful!! £26 and available in 9 shades, I want the pink one next!!!


Some lovely new lip products this month. Firstly, I have been loving the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in the shade Driver, this is the most perfect nude shade ever! This formula does not budge at all, it’s indestructible! The only thing I do find is it can exaggerate the texture of your lips, so you need to exfoliate first. I plan to get the shade Seductress next. I believe there are nineteen shades of this lipstick, £9.99 each but usually on an offer.

This Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet in the shade Front Row, was a bit of an impulse purchase! Firstly the shade is a little out of my comfort zone, it’s quite a deep mauve, and secondly I don’t have much from the brand apart from foundation. However, the colour is actually very flattering and compliments a lot if summer makeup looks, plus the formula is out of this world! This is the most comfortable matte liquid lipstick I have ever worn, it’s so lightweight if literally feels like you have nothing on, but it still has great longevity, I wore it all day without retouching! The downside is that they are expensive, £30 and I think it is available in nineteen shades.

So new lip products I heart Revolution, this has also recently landed in my local Superdrug, and it’s mainly unicorn and mermaid type makeup. The Metallic Unicorn Lipstick in the shade Whimsical is a super pretty rose gold, it dries down and so lasts really well. I have also used it as a lip topper over matte liquid lipstick. Available in 4 shades, excellent value, £3 each.

Also from the same brand is this Unique Unicorn Lipstick in the shade Magical Delight, a metallic violet. This is a nice summer shade, obviously as it’s a bullet Lipstick it doesn’t last quite as long on the lips as it’s liquid counterparts, but the formula feels nice. Available in 5 shades, £4 each.

From Revolution Pro I bought one of the Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigments in the shade Illusion, this is a gorgeous burnt orange nude. Love the packaging of these too, it feels much more expensive than it is! Available in a whopping 30 shades! £4 each Superdrug.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my month in makeup, roll on May, and Marc Jacobs, and NudiePatootie, and L’Oréal Cherry Mon Cheri, and probably a hundred other new launches!

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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YSL All Hours Foundation

It has occurred to me, that I might be a bit obsessed with foundation. All types of foundation, be it premium or drugstore, designer or bargain basement, dewy or matte, I’ll try anything! I’m not even sure what it is I’m looking for, I already have a few ‘ride or dies’ that are my go to foundations, I think it’s really more to do with the thrill of a new product!

Which brings me to YSL All Hours Foundation. I decided to get this as a number of fellow makeup addicts had recommended it.

The foundation is packaged in YSL’s signature gold and the bottle is frosted glass, it looks very sleek and elegant. The foundation itself is available in 22 shades, and costs £35. I have the shade BD25 warm beige, which is a good match for me. The first thing you notice about the product is how lightweight it feels on your skin, it’s not heavy or cakey, and glides on the skin easily. It is full coverage and has a matte finish, there’s no need to build it as the coverage is excellent. I’m very impressed with it, All Hours stayed matte all day, even on my super oily T zone! It’s oil free, and helps to reduce the appearance of pores, which I would agree with. It says that it stays put for 24 hours, I haven’t tested as it’s not really a requirement for me (who’s wearing their foundation for 24 hours?) It’s also enriched with a skincare complex, and UV Filter, and is suitable for all skin types. It has a very fresh fragrance which reminds me of cucumber (although that may be just me).

All Hours has become a firm favourite, it’s a lovely foundation which gives a flawless finish but still feels like your own skin. There is an All Hours Primer and blending sponge which I may also need to invest it, but I have been using it with the Touch Eclat Blur Primer and have been happy with the results!

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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New L’Oreal Highlighters, a first impressions

I’ve been really impressed with a lot of new drugstore launches recently, both L’Oreal and Maybelline have brought out some fab new products for a very reasonable price tag.

I was very interested to see what the new liquid and powder highlighters from L’Oreal were like, as I bought their holographic glow kit a while ago and was very pleasantly surprised by how good it was! So when I saw they were launching two new Glow kits plus liquid highlighter I was excited.

I got the La Vie En Glow Palette in the Cool shade, the palette contains four shades ranging from a pearly white to pale bronze. I like to use multiple shades layered to give a more dimensional glow, my favourite shades for the cheekbones are Oh My Gold first, with just a touch of Moonlight on the high points of the cheekbones. Pink Pearl is nice down the centre of the nose, it’s a more subtle shade than the first two. The last shade Bronze Glaze, is slightly deeper so for me, this would be more of a background highlighter, used before the brighter shades.

These are beautiful highlighters, I love that they are not glittery and give a proper sheenand glow to the skin. You would never know that they’re not from a premium beauty brand!

I also got the Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops in the shade Sparkling Love. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with liquid and cream highlighters, mostly because I always use full coverage foundation so it’s pointless applying a liquid highlighter product first as it just disappears under the foundation, and if I apply them on top they either make the foundation go all patchy and fragmented or the disappear once I apply powder to set everything. I applied the drops with a damp beauty blender, on top of my foundation and powder, and they worked perfectly! It’s odd because if I do this method with my Marc Jacobs Dew You Highlighter, it always moves my foundation. I just lightly tapped the beauty blender on to my cheekbones and it left the most fabulous glow! I really can’t get over how good these products are, they are fantastic and whether you’re a highlighter obsessive like me or just someone looking for a great glow, you need them!

I like to layer these products with the drops first then the powders for optimum glow!

The La Vie En Glow Palette is available in 2 shades, and costs £12.99, the Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops also comes in 2 shades and costs £9.99. I bought mine from Superdrug.

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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March Review, a Month in Makeup

By now I’m normally in full spring mode, but this snowy March weather has me unable to embrace any thoughts of springtime makeup! Usually I’m in getting ready for summer with my favourite coral hues, but I just haven’t seen enough sunshine, I find my mood is very impacted by the weather. So on to my makeup of the month, a fair bit of drugstore again this month, I think a lot of more affordable brands are really upping their game and bringing out some really exciting products!


No new Primers or Foundations this month (I know, I’m shocked too!), but there was some excitement in the concealer department when EX1 launched their new Delete Fluide Concealer. It’s everything you’d expect from this celebrity endorsed brand, gives excellent coverage, doesn’t cake, long lasting, doesn’t emphasise fine lines and feels comfortable. In fact my only bug bear with it is the pump, I much prefer a wand, but I love the product so it won’t stop me using it!


Lots of new glow this month, first up, a highlighter I have been trying to lay my hands on for some time. Doll Beauty is primarily a lash brand but has become famous for their stunning highlighters, there are just two shades presently, but finding them in stock anywhere is something of a challenge! They have been opening small counters in branches of Topshop, as well as selling on Beautybay and of course their own website. However the highlighters are almost always out of stock, I managed to get one purely by luck, they tend to announce on their instastories when they have the Doll Light Highlighters back on the website, so I had quickly gone into their site and was fortunate enough to get the shade Like a Diamond. I can confirm it lives up to the hype, it’s a super shiny, pale champagne/ivory glow, it’s not glittery it’s more of a sheen and it’s beautiful! The amazing thing is, it costs just £15 and it’s a decent size 12g. Perfect for those (like myself) who want a highlighter that’s visible from Mars!

Another highly sought after but difficult to find product is the L’Oréal Crushed Foil Metallic Highlighter, this again comes in two shades, and as far as I can tell is only stocked in Superdrug, I first got the shade Gilded Gold, which is stunning but very Gold. I also recently managed to get the shade Rose Quartz too, which is more up my street as it’s a gorgeous rose gold shade. I absolutely love this highlighter, you’d never know it was from the drugstore!

I have been a big fan of MUA Cosmetics Highlighters for a long time, they cost just £3 each and give fantastic glow. They launched three new shades Silver Wonder, Hollywood Rose and Twinkling Violet. Silver Wonder is a warm silver, so you don’t end up looking like the tin man, it has an almost pale taupe tone to it so it’s actually very wearable.

Hollywood Rose is a beautiful colour, it’s a pinky peach with a gold shimmer to it. Perfect for a summer highlight if you love corals and pinks, and perfect on sun kissed skin.

Twinkling Violet is my favourite, I think the key to using these kind of shades is to use it as an accent highlighter, so just on the very highest points of the cheekbones on top of a gold or champagne shimmer. I think these kind of highlighters are more wearable in the summer, not just for festivals but because people are so much more experimental with colour in the summer months.

These are available from the MUA Cosmetics website and also Superdrug.

NYX Professional Makeup launched their new Cream Contour and Highlight Pro Palette this month, the powder version has been a blogger fave for a long time so it’s nice to see the cream version has hit our shores. The palette consists of four contour shades, and four highlight shades-a shimmer, two colour correcting shades (peach and banana) and a concealer shade. These are all very soft, smooth and blendable, sometimes cream palettes are too stuff in their texture and difficult to apply and blend out, this consistency of the shades in this palette are super creamy, they blend like a dream! Available from Boots and the NYX Professional Makeup website, £18.

When the Mac x Nico Panda Collection popped up on my insta feed, I was smitten! In particular with the Colour Me Nico Gleamer Face Powder, the stunning packaging of this compact is a must for anyone who collects makeup. I am a big fan of MAC limited edition highlighters and I try to ‘invest’ in them as much as I can, so for me this little panda compact is for more collection than to actually use. Don’t judge me, people collect all sorts of weird and wonderful things, mine just happens to be highlighters!


I’ve been waiting for this palette to launch in the UK for what feels like ages! The NYX Professional Makeup I Love You So Mochi Palettes have finally touched down and they are incredible! I decided on the warm toned Sleek and Chic shade, it’s full of the most amazing glittery, shimmery shades! The coral shade in the centre is sensational, it’s bright and very pigmented as are all of the shades. The muted gold in the top right corner is almost pure sparkle, it’s beautiful, I find this and some of the other intensely sparkly shades apply better using your finger than a brush, you get a more dense sweep this way. The only matte shade in the palette is the pale cream in the top left corner, which I’ve been using as an all over base shade. There are two variations of this palette Sleek & Chic, and Electric Pastels, £18 each.

Another NYX Professional Makeup product launched this month was the Strictly Vinyl Eyeliners, these liquid liners are great creating a more colourful wing, if you are fond of the Vivid Brights Liquid Liners you’ll love these. I have the shade Hazy, which is a kind of russet colour. These are very easy to apply and have a shiny ‘vinyl’ finish. Available in 5 shades, £6 each.


More NYX Professional Makeup products in the lip department! Firstly a simply stunning Duo Chromatic Shimmer Lip Gloss in the shade Crushin’ It! These glosses are fabulous and perfect for summer! They’re very comfortable to wear, not sticky or gloopy (don’t think that’s an actual word but you know what I mean!).

They also launched a new type of glossy lip product, Strictly Vinyl, I have the shade Baby Doll. These are very shiny non-shimmery shades, they give a very intense sweep of colour, I found it worked best if I did my whole lip in one of the suede matte lip liners first, so I used Soft Spoken Liner with the Vinyl on top. Available in 8 shades, £6 each.


I’m never sure whether setting sprays should be with ‘base’ products or if they should be at the end because they’re the last thing you use, but anyway, I bought the new Too Faced Festival Refresh Mystical Effects Setting & Refreshing Spray. This stuff is so pretty, it has a sheer holographic shimmer to it, it is quite subtle so don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like you’ve fallen in a pit of highlighter! £22 Cult Beauty.

So concludes this month in Makeup, I think that’s probably the shortest monthly review I’ve ever done!

Thanks for reading, Mo x

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Lottie Liner Stamp Liner, a First Impressions

I saw this Lottie London Stamp Liner in Superdrug, and although I was cynical as to how effective it would be, I decided to buy one. There are various types of Stamp shapes, hearts, stars, moons but I have the ‘wings made easy’ one.

This Liner has a felt tip at one end and a sort of kite shaped Stamp at the other. I had a little practice on my hand so I could see how sharp the edges of the wing would be and I was fairly impressed, it gave well defined edges and was very black.

Today, I’ve used it on my eyes and it looks amazing, I have perfect wings with minimal effort! Even lining them up is fairly easy, I was expecting one side to be higher up or at more of an angle, but they were fine. If you do make a mistake, it’s easy to remove of tidy up with a bit of concealer or eye makeup remover on a pointy cotton bud. I then used the felt tip tip edge to extend the wing across my lash line. The felt tip is quite thick but goes to a fine point. It’s quite firm which I think makes it easier to use, if the tip is to soft the line will splay every where. I got a lovely sharp edge with it, and again it’s a good dense black.

I think this is a pretty good liner, it gave a nice sharp wing. It’s a good price too, they’re £5.49, and there are other shapes to try if you fancy stars ala Kat Von D! Available from Superdrug.

Thanks for reading, Mo x