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7 Days 7 Facemasks-Beauty Junky Charcoal 3 Step Mask

I set myself this challenge, which I'm obviously not keeping up with, to try 7 Facemasks over 7 days. This is Mask number 3, and I've no idea what number day it is! In short, I haven't managed to do one every evening as I had originally planned, which is a bit ridiculous as they only take 15 minutes and literally, only require you sitting there with it on your face. Anyhow, I'm going to carry on.

Tonight's instalment, is the Charcoal Clear Skin 3 Step Face Mask, from Korean skincare company Beauty Junky, at least I think that's the brand, I had never come across this company until I purchased this product from Boots. After doing a little investigation, I found that they are also available from ASOS.

So this is a 3 step face mask, step one is a face wash, step two is the mask itself, step three is a serum, all three products are provided in the pack.

Step one is a face wash to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, upon opening the sachet, the liquid inside look a little like an Illuminating Primer, its white but has a sort of luminosity to it. I wet my face and massaged it into my skin. I felt really nice, it wasn't sticky or excessively foaming. I did notice a very soapy scent though, it wasn't horrible-actually quite the opposite, it just reminded me of how bars of soap used to smell.

I rinsed this off, then applied the mask. The charcoal infused sheet mask is in the largest sachet. The first thing I noticed is that as it's charcoal infused, its black (the white sheet masks look scary enough!), it's also folded up and is a bit fiddly to to unfold. It's very wet, although most Sheet masks are, you leave it on for 15-20 minutes, I did kind of massage my skin whilst it was on, I think it helps to absorb the product. Again it has a pleasant scent. It has lots of natural ingredients, with extract of peach, peony root, camomile, camellia, ginkgo biloba and honeysuckle. It left my skin feeling very soft and hydrated, and lines were diminished. It doesn't say to rinse your face after removing the sheet mask but I did as feel like I should remove the residue.

Then I applied step 3, a serum. They give you quite a lot of serum, probably more than you actually need! I massaged this into my skin, again in felt very hydrating and was easily absorbed.

The end result was very pleasing, in fact I think this has been my favourite mask so far! The following morning my skin still looked in good shape, the lines were still looking less deep and my skin felt really soft. The other thing about this 3 step mask is it feels more like a mini facial than just a sheet mask. I shall be repurchasing!

Beauty Junky Charcoal Clear Skin 3-Step Face Mask is available from Boots for £4.50 and ASOS for £5.00

Thanks for reading, Mo x


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