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June Review

So we are half way through the year already, we’ve had the longest  day so let’s start the countdown to Christmas-only joking, though I’m pretty sure the shops will be selling decorations in a couple of weeks!!! This time of year always feels like the dry season as far as makeup launches go, we’ve had all the lovely spring/summer launches and it’s too early for autumn/winter. With that in mind, this review is not quite as meaty as my usual monthly roundups.


I’ve been trying out various primers recently, this month I three new ones to play with. First up, are two from NYX Professional Makeup, Angel Veil and Soft Focus. Angel Veil is an oil free Primer, it’s very mattifying, so it’s great for oily skin. It’s does leave a noticeable ‘veil’ over the skin upon application, you can really tell it’s a Matte product, this also helps with the longevity of foundation, as it gives it something to cling to. Soft Focus is a tinted primer, it comes in three shades, I have the shade Light which I still felt was a bit deeper than my skin tone, once applied on to my face it was fine. This has a very silky feel, as the name implies it helps to blur fine lines and pores. Angel Veil is £13 and Soft Focus is £11, available from Boots.

I was really excited to find ELF products are being stocked in my local Superdrug, this is a brand I see frequently on social media but has never been accessible in the UK. So far I have been really impressed with the products I have bought. I like Spray Primers as they are generally non-greasy and absorb easily. ELF Aqua Primer Mist is packed with antioxidants, contains cucumber, vitamins B and E, and I noticed it also contains coffee extract, which of course helps to wake up and de-puff. It’s very refreshing and has a decent spray (nothing worse than being hit in the face by a limp squirt!), this pumps a fine and even mist. All this for just £9.

Next up is my only new foundation this month, which is pretty unusual for me! NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation has been all over Instagram and YouTube since it was launched in the states, what seems like a lifetime ago (I’m super impatient!). I ordered mine from when it first launched, so I had to guess my shade, I opted for shade 5 Light, which has neutral undertones. In hindsight I’d have gone for a slightly deeper shade, although by the time I have contoured and bronzed it’s an ok shade. There are 24 shades to choose from, these have cool, warm or neutral undertones. The foundation itself comes in a glass bottle with a pipette, so you can create that whole YouTube teardrop scenario! The foundation is medium coverage but can be built up to full coverage by dropping a little extra on to areas that need it, I initially apply a drop to my forehead and on each cheek then blend, anywhere I feel needs a little extra coverage, I apply an drop. It’s an oil free foundation and has a Matte finish, it also has an ingredient which allows it to move with your skin, so it doesn’t settle in lines or pores, and helps to plump the skin. It’s feels very lightweight which is unusual for Matte full coverage foundation. It costs £14 for 13ml, so the bottle is smaller than most foundations, it also means that £’s per ml it costs the same as Urban Decay and MAC!

ELF Translucent Mattifying Powder was another ‘insta made me buy it’ purchase, not that I’m complaining as it’s a good blotting Powder and it was only £4.50! There’s not much more to say except that it’s a good product but not particularly outstanding. I do like the packaging, it comes in a Matte black compact, that’s really sturdy, good to have in your handbag!


I absolutely love Sleek highlighter palettes, so I was pretty excited when they launched a new one, right at the end of May. The Distorted Dreams Palette is a mix of powder and cream/balms. I featured this product in my Unicorn Highlighter blog post prior to this so I’ll simply say, if you love holographic, prismatic highlighters, then this is a Palette you definitely need! £10.99 from Boots and Superdrug.

I don’t usually like liquid Highlighters as I have oily skin and as I use a lot of powder I find they lose a lot of their impact. If I apply them on top of powder they will either make my base go patchy or break apart (you shouldn’t put liquid over powder for that very reason) so they are a product group which doesn’t generally appeal to me. However the allure of Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in the shade Halo was just too strong! I gave in and finally bought it, I do still think it’s pretty expensive at £34 though, no matter how Unicorn worthy it is! I use it mostly as a background highlighter, which I later with powder, it gives a very multi-dimensional glow. I find it works best after foundation but before Powder, I apply it with a damp beauty blender.

Another favourite is the NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Illuminator in the shade Sunbeam, I was a bit sceptical about this product for all the reasons I mentioned above, but this highlighter is really intense so it gives a good glow even with a dusting of face powder over it. Also this Illuminator is much more reasonably priced at £9, there are four shades to choose from.

Lastly is a brand I have not come across before, Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo Illuminator was in June’s Glossy Box, upon trying it out I was really impressed with this product. It gave a smooth sheen to the skin, it has a slightly pink shine to it and is really pretty. Around £22 for 30ml.


The big purchase of the month was Urban Decays Naked Heat Palette, I really wanted this Palette and I was lucky enough to get it on early release from the UD website. Its the same price as the other Naked Palettes, £39.50 for 12 eyeshadows. I love any kind of red/orange/copper/maroon makeup so this palette is perfect for me. I have heard mixed reviews about the pigmentation although personally I haven’t had any issues, all of the shadows are beautiful and great quality. I love pairing these shadows with electric blue eyeliner, which brings me neatly to my next product.

NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Eyeliner in the shade Sapphire combined with their blue Mascara have literally been my go to items when using the UD Heat Palette, only after posting my finished look to Instagram did I realise that Patrick Starr had done pretty much the same look on YouTube! Vivid Brights Liquid Liner is £5.50 and there are nine shades to choose from, the mascara is £6 and there are currently four shades in stock on the website.

That’s pretty much it for June, I have an awful lot of NYX Professional Makeup to review but I will do so in a separate blog post as there’s quite a lot!!

Thanks for reading, Mo x


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