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Unicorn Highlighters! 

This is a review of my favourite ‘unicorn’ highlighters, so any highlighter which is classed as duo chrome, holographic or prismatic. I absolutely love this type of Illuminator, it’s so pretty and of course they’re ideal for festival season. They’re in no particular order, I love them all equally!!


This is fabulous highlighter, it reflects Violet from white, this is an incredible product. I don’t buy all that much from MAC anymore as I don’t feel particularly inspired by the brand, however, every now and then, they produce something wonderful, Soft Frost is that wonderful!

MUA COSMETICS UNDRESS YOUR SKIN-Pearlescent Sheen & Ice Sparkle £3 each 7.5g

These are both very pretty and unique highlighters, best of all they’re only £3 each!!! Both shades are really densely pigmented, it’s crazy that they have such a tiny price tag because they are fabulous! Pearlescent Sheen is an Ivory powder which reflects a pale blue.

Ice Sparkle isn’t technically a Unicorn highlighter, as it doesn’t change colour. I think it deserves to be here though purely because it’s such an unusual shade, ten out of ten for originality MUA, I have not come across a blue highlighter from any other brand.

NYX DUO CHROMATIC ILLUMINATING POWDER-Twilight Tint, Lavender Steel & Snow Rose £9 each

These three Highlighters are pure unicorn!! They are very soft, fine powders that have amazing pigmentation. Twilight Tint is white with a blue colour shift. It’s quite difficult to capture the blue on camera.

Snow Rose is white with a pinky shift.

Lavender Steel has a simply stunning Violet shift. Swatch only for this shade as unfortunately it shattered!


I love Becca Highlighters, this one in particular is so pretty and again, is beautifully pigmented. The only thing I do find with Becca, is that they seem very fragile, I know most Powder Illuminators are very vulnerable to breakage but the Becca ones seem to be more so.


This is another bargain highlighter, just £3! It’s an Ivory coloured powder which has the most incredible mint green colour shift. I just read a couple of reviews about this product where people said the pigmentation is almost too much, and that they didn’t realise it has a green shift. It really is intense! The only problem with this highlighter is that the shade shift will not show up on camera! I’ve tried different lights, camera angles and all sorts but I just can’t get it to ‘Flash’!!!


Oh my, I wanted this Liquid Highlighter for such a long time, I was a bit obsessed with it! It’s a very versatile product, it can be used under, over or mixed with foundation, it gives a stunning blue/violet shift from a milky fluid. I still feel it’s a bit on the expensive side as it’s not a product you will use everyday, although I haven’t found anything similar to it from any other (less expensive) brand.

SLEEK-Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette £10.99
The only palette in this review and it’s a new one!! I am a huge fan of Sleek Highlighters, I have all of them except the Midas Touch Palette. This latest offering is a mix of powders and creams, though I feel it’s more of a balm texture. All of the crem/balm shades are gorgeous, especially the centre shade, which is sadly the smallest pan in the palette!


Again this isn’t truly a Unicorn highlighter as it doesn’t have a colour shift, it’s here purely because it’s a beautiful and pretty unusual shade. I love lavender and lilac coloured products and I feel they still have a sort of mystical quality to them! As it’s a creamy stick, it works well on its own and as a layering highlighter, so if you apply Powder over it you get a very intense effect which looks multi-dimensional. Also works beautifully on the shoulders and collar bones!

I HEART MAKEUP-Unicorn Heart Rainbow Highlighter £4.99

Well it had to be here! By it’s very nature it’s a Unicorn Highlighter! To be honest I don’t really wear it very much, it’s in my collection purely because it’s aesthetically pleasing. Having said all that, it is actually a lovely pot of glow!


This is a limited edition highlighter, so I guess it won’t be around forever, it’s a 20th anniversary edition. I really like the Baked Gelato Swirls, I have the shade Ballerina too, I think I used it everyday last summer! This is a white swirly powder which reflects pink, peach and sometimes I can see other shades in it too! My only criticism is that the pan is pretty small.


This is an amazing product, a white stick with a vibrant lilac shift! Again as it’s a stock it’s great for layering and using on the body. I feel like it could be a dupe for the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick.

Now, there are other ‘Unicornesque’ Highlighters in my collection, KVD’s Alchemist Palette plus ABH’s Moonchild and Aurora Glow Kits are obviously holographic/Prismatic type products but oddly I don’t reach for them very much. I’m not sure why this is, maybe because I tend to grab solitary/small items when doing my daily makeup. I don’t tend to use blusher Palettes either. Ah the psychology of the makeup junkie!

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments what your favourite unicorn product is! Mo x


4 thoughts on “Unicorn Highlighters! 

  1. Nice article!!! Loved it! I have Nyx duochromatic highlighters in the shades Twilight Tint and Lavender Steel.I wanted to buy the Laura Geller Diamond Dust highlighter and the Becca one.Are some of them really similar?Would be so nice if u answer 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Diamond Dust is very similar to the nyx duochrome in the snow rose shade, and as you already have lavender steel the Becca prismatic amethyst is pretty similar to that. I find a lot of the prismatic/duochrome highlighters are dupes of one another.x


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