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IMATS Haul!!

My first trip to the IMATS in London was hugely exciting! I’ve been to other makeup trade shows, Pro Beauty and Olympia Beauty, which I’ve always really enjoyed, the IMATS though, is the daddy of makeup shows. I bought my ticket way back in February, when May seemed like it ages away.

Its really easy to spend an awful lot of money on stuff you that you would never normally buy, so I knew I needed to be organised, I went on the IMATS website and checked over the list of exhibitors, you can click on each company to see what they stock. Obviously they have big brands there too, like MAC, Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay and NYX Professional Makeup, but I was going to get other brands which are harder to access in the UK. Pretty much every stand offers a discount, usually about 20%, for non pro-card holders like myself. I had made a list of products that I wanted to get, there was a couple of foundations which I wanted to see the shades of before I purchased, I also wanted to have look at some skincare from The Ordinary, stock up on a couple of things and I wanted to get a makeup organiser bag.

First stop of the day, was the NYX stand, I bought one of the new Perfect Filter Palettes in the shade Rustic Antique. It contains lots of warm toned rusts and browns, it’s gorgeous! I also got one of the Vivid Bright Creme Colours in the shade Sugar Rush, a pretty lilac colour base. I’ve only ever seen these items online as they’re not stocked on the counters. I was hoping they would have the Total Cover Drop Foundation to buy, they had it on the stand but only to try for shade matching.

There was a couple of items I wanted to get from Guru Makeup Emporium, so I headed there next. They had the EX1 Invisiwear Foundation, which I have been so curious about, as it’s a foundation which only comes in gold/warm tones. The idea is to give a golden glow instead of looking orange, as I fake tan, I tend to have either quite fair foundations as this is my natural tone, or very orange foundation where I’ve tried to get one to match my fake ‘glow’ body. I was colour matched by a very helpful lady, who tried a couple of shades on my jaw line and my chest. I bought shade 3.0, which I’m incredibly happy with! I also picked up a couple of new Beauty Blender’s, I’m a sucker for these sponges, they’re expensive but unique, I’ve tried other sponges but they’re just not the same! I replaced my dirty nude coloured one (it’s on a shocking state), with one of the new pale pink ones and an original hot pink version. In addition to a discount, they gave a free gift of a micro-blender, mini solid blender cleaner and a sachet of the liquid cleaner too.

Next I went to BeautyB as I knew they stock Milani, I’m always seeing the Conceal and Perfect Foundation on social media. They had sold out of the lightest shades, I got Light Beige, again it’s good shade for when I’ve fake tanned. They also had some Violet Voss Palettes, they had the Ride Or Die and the Laura Lee Palettes. Now I hadn’t planned on buying either of these, but the Laura Lee Palette was really stunning, lots of warm neutrals and some beautiful metallics! So I thought I’d get one as I’d only regret it if I didn’t. They also had lots of Sigma brushes and accessories, Farsali products, The Balm makeup and various other brands.

Then I visited the I Love Makeup stand, here I bought some skincare items from The Ordinary. Again I was hoping they’d have the foundation, but sadly it was not to be. The Ordinary is a very inexpensive brand, it looks more like its high end contemporaries, with its white, minimalist packaging and uncomplicated products. I chose three products, The Caffeine Solution 5%, Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and High Adherence Silicone Primer. They also stock Lime Crime, as I’m obsessed with all Unicorn inspired makeup, they had the Diamond Crushers, so I bought the shade Trip, a bluey/lilac sparkly Matte Liquid Lip.

I found the transparent makeup organiser bags on the Nanshy stall, I bought the large size, it has lots of pockets and compartments, and a good sturdy shoulder strap, I was really pleased with this as I’d set out to get one of these. The other ‘tool’ type product I wanted to get was a metal mixing palette for foundation. Oddly, I couldn’t find one anywhere!

My last purchase of the day was from Makeup Forever. I wanted their Stick Foundation, but they had sold out, so I ended up buying their Matte Loose Powder, it was a bit of a random purchase! I tried it and it felt like a very silky Powder, I thought it might be good to bake with. I regret not buying their Glitters, they had huge pots of the most amazing coloured glitter. Originally I had planned to buy more of the Star Powders, I have one already, which I love, I didn’t see them on the stand though, they had the Diamond Powders but I didn’t think they looked as amazing as I’d thought they would.

So to summarise, I enjoyed the IMATS but I’m not entirely sure I’d go again. Although there are discounts on stuff, for me personally, I didn’t buy enough to for it to make that much of a saving after the cost of the ticket, which was almost £50. Obviously if you’re buying lots, maybe building a kit then it’s probably more worthwhile. Roll on Olympia Beauty in October, my favourite show!

Thank you for reading, Mo x


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