Primark Mermaid Collection! 

This obsession with all things unicorn and mermaid inspired is very real, I’ve lost count of how many Holographic, Duo Chromatic, Prismatic and Rainbow products I’ve bought recently. I don’t know why I love them, maybe it’s an escape from sometimes dreary world we live in (general election anyone?!). I follow an account on YouTube called ILovePrimark, it’s literally just pictures taken in a Primark of all the new products, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but really like it. It was here that I first saw the new Mermaid inspired cosmetics Primark had launched. The great thing about Primark, is that it’s so inexpensive you don’t mind trying stuff that’s a bit more ‘out there’. 

The main thing I wanted, out of all this collection, was the Mermaid Brush Set. The set comprises of four brushes, blush/powder, foundation, eye blending, and a small angled brush for brows. They all have lilac synthetic bristles, unicorn horn inspired handles, and actually feel like pretty decent brushes. They come with a holographic makeup bag too. The best part, you get all this for £9! To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll use them purely because they look so pretty, I just like to have them on my vanity table. I will use the makeup bag though, it’s really nice, and a good size too. Apparently they are bringing out a Unicorn version as well. 

Next is another item I really wanted,  the Halo-graphic Highlighter Stick, looks to me like it may be a dupe for the Milk Supernova Holographic Stick. I can’t test this theory out as unfortunately I don’t have the Milk version yet, but as far as I can tell, they look incredibly similar. This stick has a fabulous blue/lilac colour shift, it’s absolutely stunning, well worth the tiny £4 price tag! I think it would be great to highlight your shoulders too as it’s a stick, it would be great for festivals. 

Another highlighting product I bought was the Mermaid Glow Powder Highlighter. I have the two gold versions, that they launched previously, they are great products. This is a silver based highlighter, which is quite unusual, it swatches really well and gives a very metallic glow. The only thing with this shade is that it has a very strong scent, I can’t quite explain what it is but it reminds me of the smell of vinyl, once the product was on my face I didn’t notice it so much though. This was £3 for a good amount of product. 

I picked up two sets of the stick on nails, a holographic set called Unicorn Tears, which are a sort of coffin shape. A set of the glitter nails, called All That Glitters, with are clear with holographic/silver glitter on them. These are more of a pointed-stiletto shape, which I prefer as I feel it elongates my fingers a little. They were £2 each, excellent value for a really nice set of nails, the glue is pretty good too, I also buy the separate nail glue as it’s always handy, and is 60p for a twin pack, yes that’s right, 60p!!!!

I got a couple of lip products, the holographic lip gloss in the shade Silver Ice, which is a clear gloss with tiny pieces of blue/lilac holographic glitter in it. I really like this, I think it’s great as a lip topper, it’s a total bargain for £1.50! I was not so fond of the Insta Girl Flash Photo Gloss, it looks sort of iridescent in the tube, it has blue pearl in it to enhance your smile, but I didn’t feel it did anything at all. It is also supposed to have Lip plumping action but again I didn’t notice anything-not even a tingle!!! I think this was the only item I found disappointing in the whole haul. 

The Insta Girl Flash Powder I bought mailnly out of curiosity. It’s a pressed, pale blue Finishing Powder, that has ‘light reflecting blue pigments, for photo ready skin’. I’ve tried it a couple times, it seems really nice, it is finely milled, distributes evenly, and it does have a brightening effect on the skin. It costs £2.50. 

I bought three of the Holographic nail polishes. These are very Glittery in the bottle, when painted on to the nail, the glitter distribution tends to be a bit random and sparse, so I try to kind of dab the pieces of glitter I rather than sweep it on, as you get more glitter on to the nail. I find this with most of glitter polishes though, especially the Ines with larger glitter particles. I think they’re pretty good for £1.50 each though, especially the Glam Rock shade. 

Last item of the Primark Mermaid haul, is the Pressed Glitter Palette. This contains a whopping 28 different shades of glitter!!! They are pressed in a sort of gel, it’s not particularly sticky though, it doesn’t feel unpleasant on the skin. This palette will be awesome for festivals, it’s great for glitter looks without the mess. The best part is that it’s such a bargain, £4 for all that lovely glitter!!!! 

Almost forgot the clam shell manicure set, all the usual stuff, nail clippers, file, scissors, in a silver holographic shell case, I think it was £2.50. 

Hope you enjoyed this review, let me know your thoughts of this collection. Thanks for reading, Mo x


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