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ELF Primer and Foundation, first impressions 

I have long wanted to try out ELF Makeup, but it’s another brand that isn’t readily available in the UK. You can only buy it online, and I thought it was only available from their own website. Then I stumbled across an instagram post from Superdrug, advertising ELF. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and quickly made an order. I only ordered the Primer and Foundation as I’ve seen lots of YouTubers talk about it, it has a good reputation for a drugstore brand.

I ordered the Mineral Face Primer, they actually make seven different primers, all addressing different needs. Both products are nicely packaged, they come in boxes, and look quite sleek for a drugstore brand. The bottle is white and silver plastic, and has a pump dispenser. The Mineral Face Primer is a Silica based Primer, designed to combat excess oil, but also smooth lines and pores. I absolutely love this Primer, it does everything it claims to do and I think it stayed like that all day, some of the primers I’ve tried, smooth everything out when applied, but then mid way through the day, my pores will look very obvious. This primer has good longevity! I use two pumps, I smooth it over my skin and lightly press in. It absorbs easily and feels very silky, although to be honest most Silica based primers do feel like this.

On to the Flawless Finish Foundation. The product comes in a square glass bottle, and the foundation is dispensed via a pump. It’s always difficult ordering foundation online without seeing the shades in the flesh, there are only six shades available on the website, I bought the shade Buff. Now, this is a bit on the deep side but it’s great once I’ve fake tanned. It’s a nice neutral tone, not at all orange. I applied two pumps of the product with my trusty Morphe G6 brush, it applied beautifully! The foundation is oil free, full coverage and has a semi-Matte finish. Generally I like to look very Matte, but this has a satin-like finish which is lovely. The foundation stayed on really well, it didn’t break up, go patchy, or even become shiny half way through the day. It does contain SPF, but as it’s only SPF15 it’s unlikely to cause flashback in photographs.

To summarise, I think both of these products are excellent! I shall definitely be trying other items in the brand, I really hope they launch it into their stores as well as online.

ELF is available from Superdrug website, the Mineral Face Primer costs £7.50, and the Flawless Finish Foundation is also £7.50, and comes in 6 shades on Superdrug website, although on the ELF website there are 9 shades.

Thanks for reading, Mo x


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