April Review

April has been a very exciting month, lots of fabulous new products launched, but most importantly, I met Jeffree Star and Manny Mua! I took advantage of the Beauty Bay meet and greet, and it was fantastic, although I barely said two words to them as I was awe struck!!! I do remember that Jeffree said he loved my pink hair, at which point I completely lost the power of speech and just giggled!!!!


A whole lot of drugstore this month in all categories, kicking off with two new primers, well new to me anyway. Firstly, MUA Cosmetics Professional Wonder Vanishing Cream Primer, £5 for 15ml at Superdrug and on the MUA website. This is a Silica based primer, so it’s non-greasy and glides on to the skin, it says on the website that it is great for around the eyes, as it has a soft and pliable texture, fills lines and smooths the appearance of the skin. I would agree with all of this, it’s a good primer, it created a even surface on which to apply makeup. And very reasonably priced to boot. 

Next up, is Primer Water from Primark, £2 for 150ml. I bought this thinking it may be a dupe for the Smashbox Primer Water, they are both silicone, oil and alcohol free, have similar packaging and prep the skin, they do not have the same ingredients though, and nor do they smell the same, the Primark one has a nice fragrance, which is refreshing and not overpowering, as does the Smashbox version, they’re both good but different. I usually do about four pumps of the spray to get a good layer, let it dry, and apply foundation. I did feel that my skin was hydrated when I used it, and it gave a nice base. 

Freedom Makeup Pro HD Concealer in the White shade, £3 for 12ml at Superdrug, was a bit of an impulse purchase. In the winter, my skin is very fair, and many Concealers don’t give the brightening effect I would like, so I bought this shade to add with my regular Concealer. It works ok, I only use a tiny amount, when I’ve applied my usual Concealer I just put a couple of dots of this on top and blend out with a damp sponge. The great thing about these very inexpensive brands, is that you can experiment with products/shades without feeling like you’ve wasted money, and sometimes it’s a great way to try out trends that you’re not too sure will suit you. 

NYX Colour Correcting Palette, £10.50 from Boots, contains six shades, green to correct redness, yellow and Peach for dark circles under the eyes, lilac to correct yellow undertones, and two shades for regular concealing and contouring. This is a great little palette, blends easily and has good coverage. The texture is smooth, and unlike many of the drugstore colour correctors, it doesn’t have that greasy feel to it. 

Lastly, I ordered a Silicone Sponge applicator from eBay, I think it was £1.99 including postage. I just bought it out of curiosity really, as I keep seeing them on social media. It didn’t really do a lot to be honest, if I’d wrapped my hand in cling film and applied my foundation, I’d have got the same result. It did make me realise how much foundation the brush absorbs, as I only put a small amount of foundation on my face, and the ‘sili-sponge’ (no pun intended) made it go for miles! The one thing it didn’t do, was distribute it evenly, I reckon if I’d blended for an hour it still wouldn’t have looked finished. So I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down from me. 


My favourite product! And there was a lot of new highlighters this month! 

First up, Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Palette, £39 with free shipping from their UK website. I was a bit late catching on to the ABH Glow Kits, I only got Moonchild just over a month ago, and based on that palette I knew I wanted this one too. All the shades are very beautiful, they’re smooth to apply and evenly pigmented. They can be used wet or dry, and all have a colour ‘flash’, where they reflect differently. They are truly stunning, and I think £39 is not too bad given that the palette contains six shades, and the pans are a decent size too. Also, ABH is cruelty free and Vegan. 
Another iconic highlighter palette made an appearance at the end of April, the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette, was available for one day, on early release at Debenhams, it launched properly on  the 2nd May, and costs £25. I have reviewed this in a separate blog post, it’s a lovely (if small) palette and if you are obsessed with Holographic Highlighters, like me, then you probably need it! 

NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick in the shade Chardonnay Shimmer, £7.50 from Boots, is a creamy highlighting stick, which gives a Champagne hued glow. I like this type of product for highlighting the shoulders and collar bone, as they’re quick and easy to apply. They are also good to use as base highlighters, putting a powder illuminator on top will really make that glow intense!!! Available in 12 shades.

Marc Jacobs Dew You Dew Drops I have already reviewed in a separate post. 

Lottie London Mermaid Glow Rainbow Highlighter, £5.95 for 9g from Superdrug. This was purchased purely because it’s aesthetically pleasing! It does give a pretty glow, but just like the Unicorn Hearts Highlighter from I Heart Makeup, I bought it mainly because it’s darn pretty!!!!

These two Primark Highlighters, £3 each, shades are Champagne and Prosecco Rose. You get a decent amount of product and the shades are incredibly pretty! They apply evenly and have a nice texture. I think Primark have really upped their beauty game recently! These highlighters are easily as good as their high-end contemporaries!!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost in shade Eclipse, is part of the collaboration with Manny Mua. It’s quite a cool toned peachy/nude highlighter, it’s very wearable and will suit most makeup looks, whether quite intense, smokey evening or daytime. It’s my first Skin Frost, and I was amazed how big it is (again, no pun intended, wink wink), you get a huge amount of product for £25.50, 15g in fact! Available from Beauty Bay website. 


I eventually managed to get the Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze Perfect Tan in the shade Tan Tastic, I bought it from Harrods website, I think it was £35 plus another £5.95 postage (grrrr!). The Bronzer is beautiful, it’s quite a cool toned bronzer, it’s not too red or orange, it’s Matte, and I use it as part of my contour. I only wish I’d bought the brush as well! 

My favourite Bronzer of life has been discontinued, it’s a bit random, but Michael Kors launched a small, capsule collection of makeup a few years ago. It consisted of Bronzer, Lipstick, Lip lustres and nail polish. I have only ever found it on House of Fraser website, where you can still buy it, except the shade Glow in the bronzer, which is nowhere to be found. So imagine my surprise, when I found a selection of Michael Kors makeup, sitting in a reduced basket in Boots! This is such a great Bronzer, it’s really good for adding a little warmth to your Contour, I just go over my Contour Powder with a light dusting of the Bronzer, it’s adds depth, dimension and warmth. Love it! It’s usually £35 but had been reduced to £18. 


Lots of NYX this month, and my new favourite eyeliner, is this amazing Epic Ink Liner, £9 from Boots. It’s the most intense black shade, the nib is part brush, part felt tip, so it’s incredibly easy to use but stays wet, even when it’s applied over the driest of eyeshadows/pigments! I have tried so many of the pen style eyeliners-both high end and drugstore, and they all dry out very quickly, the Epic Ink Liner just flows beautifully, so if you like this style of eyeliner, get one! Now!!

NYX Ultimate Brights Palette, £16 from Boots, has so much colour I was originally quite scared of it! Then I started to play with it. Now I’m hooked! This palette is so pigmented, and blendable, and the shades are so vivid that once you start using colours that are out of your comfort zone, you literally can’t stop. There’s a good selection of orange, corals and pinks, which are great for summer, and just add a pop of electric blue along the lower lash line for a really bold look! 


I got the Jeffree Star Manny MUA bundle, when I went to the meet and greet, so I have both the Velour Liquid Lipstick shades. Oh Daddy is a gorgeous, mid-brown shade, I have worn this so much since I got it. The formula is lovely, it dries down Matte but it doesn’t look dry like some of the liquid lipsticks do. They have the doe-foot applicator, which is easy to use and precise. 

I’m Shook, is a kind of burnt orangey coral colour, perfect for summer. I do prefer Oh Daddy as I like nudes/browns. These are £16 each from Beauty Bay website. 

NYX #LOTD Lip of the Day Liquid Lip Liner, £6.50 from Boots, available in 10 shades. These are perfect for lip art, my newest shade is Heatwave, a metallic red. So far I have mainly used them to draw a line down the centre of my lower lip, but I do intend to get more creative with them! 


As I’ve already reviewed Marc Jacobs Coconut Setting Spray on a previous blog post, I won’t add much more about it. I still love the fragrance of this Coconut Collection, it’s like a tropical island holiday!!!!


I received a Mermaid Contour Brush from Blusho, I think it was an offer where all I had to pay was the postage. I haven’t tried the brush out, although it does feel like it would be great for contouring as it’s quite stiff, and the brush shape, wide and flat, would be perfect! For me, it’s a great prop to have in photos, as it’s metallic Rose Gold, and it looks cute!

I also bought this nail polish holder from Primark, I’ve seen them on social media, and thought it was a great idea. I’ve used it quite a bit, it works a treat! It was £1.50.


I was lucky enough to be sent Kiehls Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil to try. This is a lavender infused oil, it smells divine!! You simply apply it to your face, and massage with your fingers, it seems to just melt the makeup away! Heaven!!! 

Well, that’s all for April. I’ve probably missed a few things (I always do!). I’m really looking forward to May, it’s my birthday and the IMATs!!!!

Thanks for reading!!! Mo xx


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