Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette-First Impressions

As you will know if you follow my insta, Highlighter is my favourite product! So when Kat Von D showed artwork of a highlighter palette she was working on, I was really excited! When it was launched, I thought it looked amazing! The sleek white triangular palette, with Kat’s signature gothic design adorning it, I knew I wanted it. The only problem, was whether to order it from the States, or wait and see if Debenhams were going to stock it. You know how it is, you go on the websites, put it in your basket, leave it, go back, find its sold out, feel annoyed with yourself for leaving it, want it even more!! I do this all the time, especially with Sephora. So when I went on Debenhams website, and they were doing ‘early access’ for one day only (it goes on general release on may 2nd), I took advantage of it! 

The outer packaging is also white, with a holographic version of the gothic design on the actual palette. Inside the palette, inlaid with black, are the four highlighter shades, and a mirror in the top part. 

Now, I had heard that the palette was quite small, and it is, the four pans are roughly the same size as MAC eyeshadow pans, and they weigh the same too. Indeed, the actual packaging states that this is a ‘Face and Eye Highlighter Palette’, so maybe that explains why. 

On to the product. There are four shades, Emerald, Saphyre, Amethyst and Opal. They all look pale and ‘pastelly’ until you apply them, them they transform into gorgeous beams of Jewel like colours. They have the same sort of colour shift that you see in the Prismatic/duochrome Highlighters. They are all fairly unique shades, and added on top of a dark lipstick the Saphyre one looks incredible! They apply evenly, have good pigmentation and they blend really well. I like to layer them, it looks amazing! 

For some reason, capturing the colour shift on camera is really difficult!!! Left to right, Emerald, Amethyst, Saphyre and Opal. 

So to summarise, do I think it’s worth the money? Although it is quite small, it only cost ¬£25, which I honestly think is pretty good! I thought it would be more expensive than that when I first saw it, and you are getting four, very beautiful shades. If you are a highlighter fanatic like myself, then you probably need it in your life, I do think that summer is the season for glowing, and if you’re going to glow, you may as well’s be a fantastic, Holographic Unicorn!! 

Thanks for reading, Mo x


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