Too Faced Love Light Highlighters-First Impressions

Let me just put something out there, I am obsessed with highlighters. Intense, subtle, prismatic, holographic, strobing, sparkling or glittering, doesn’t matter, love them all. 

So when I saw the new Too Faced Love Lights, glistening in their beautiful shiny heart shaped compacts, I was sold! They looked perfect, in fact, the only way they could be improved is if a real live sparkly Unicorn came with them as a complimentary gift! 

After I had made my order, I started watching YouTubers reviews of them, most of which were not that great. They didn’t really put me off too much though, the packaging alone is so pretty that I wanted them for my collection. 

When they eventually arrived, I was beyond excited! Inside the parcel, each Love Light was in an elegant black box. The Live Light compacts themselves are super shiny, the colour reflecting the shade inside. The inner product, has the Too Faced logo and diamond facets pressed on to it. 

Upon swatching the Love Lights, the first thing I will say is that as highlighters go, they are more on the side of subtle, natural glow than full on holographic Unicorn. I also think that’s why they haven’t had great reviews. I think everyone has become so obsessed with intense, Prismatic Highlighters, that if the glow isn’t visible from the moon, we think it’s not a good product. I do think these are lovely highlighters, but that they are more natural and wearable for everyday. 

Shade is You Light Up My Life

Shade is Ray Of Light

Shade is Blinded By The Light

To summarise, if you are a makeup collector, you will probably want them! Likewise if you are a highlighter fanatic you will probably want them. They are beautiful. Period. 

They cost $25 each from Too Faced website, on Sephora they are $30 each. 

Now the rant! 

Although I usually buy my Too Faced products from Debenhams, generally we have to wait quite some time for them to come to the UK, that’s if they come, I heard Debenhams aren’t getting this summer collection, and as I’m incredibly impatient, I ordered them direct from Too Faced website in the states. Now, because deliveries from America incur customs charges when they get here, Too Faced use a company called Borderfree, who handle all such charges so that you pay them at point of purchase, which is far better as you don’t have to pay the evil Royal Mail handling charge plus the customs duties. Also Too Faced were offering free delivery for a minimum spend. So far so good, except it wasn’t so good as they took forever. In hindsight, I’d have ordered them from Sephora, they’re very fast, and have great customer communication. The parcel took a whopping 17 days to arrive, there was little communication from Too Faced with updates, so I couldn’t track it, and as I’ve never had a parcel take that long, I emailed them, I got no reply. So I DM’d them via Insta, nothing. I think I even tweeted a message to them, still nothing. Eventually, I did get an email, informing me that ‘it looks like’ my parcel was still in the states, (looks like! How vague, surely THEY the  have tracking details!) at their international processing centre. It literally came two days later, so I’m not sure about that. Sorry for the rant, but I think that companies need to have better communication with their customers, I’ve ordered from various companies in the US and never experienced any issues, and they have always come pretty quickly. 

I realise there are worse things going on in the world, so please excuse the rant! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Mo x


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