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Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow 

I love anything sparkly, I’m like a magpie, anything glittery and I’m magnetised to it! So when I first saw these glitter liquid eyeshadows, I was obsessed!! I wasn’t quite so obsessed with the price though, at £23 a pop, they’re pretty pricey in my opinion. So I held off for a little while, after all, we see things on social media, convince ourselves we need them, then when we see them in the flesh they’re not as awesome as we thought they were going to be. Then I actually saw these gorgeous products in Marks and Spencer, I swatched the testers and was immediately smitten! Although they didn’t actually have any in stock, which was disappointing, they still had Gold Goddess online, so I ordered it.

The product comes in Stila’s gold packaging, and the actual tube inside feels very sturdy and expensive. Upon opening it, the sponge applicator is similar to that of a lipgloss. This works perfectly for applying an even layer of glitter! And what beautiful shiny light reflecting glitter it is! I used it on my favourite red/orange smokey eye, on my lower lid, it dries pretty quickly, which is a good thing as it doesn’t end up imprinted on your upper lid once you blink. I did blend away the edges, to make the look a bit more seamless, and this is the only time I experienced the glitter to have any fallout, but that was where my brush had moved the glitter particles, other than that, it did not move at all. It didn’t transfer, or move all day. Also it doesn’t feel sticky or gunky when you apply, in fact, I didn’t really feel it at all on my lids. And it looks FABULOUS!!!

Based on the fact that I love the gold one so much, I recently bought the Diamond Dust shade, a silver with multi-toned glitter. This is equally beautiful, it’s really dazzling!! Next I would like the Shade Ballet Baby, but at the moment this is only available in the States, but hopefully it will come here soon!

To summarise, I think the Glitter Liquid Eyeshadows are stunning, they’re much easier to use than loose glitter, and they work brilliantly! I do think they’re a tad expensive but when has that ever stopped a makeup junkie?!

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows are available from their own website, M&S, Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay and various other online retailers. They cost £23 for 4.5g.

Yes you need at least one of them!😃

Thanks for reading, Mo x<<


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