Kat Von D Lock It Concealer-First Impressions

I am a bit obsessed with Concealer and foundation, especially the full coverage type. It’s not that I have anything particularly menacing to cover up, I just like to look as flawless as possible! This isn’t as easy as you would think given the sheer volume of products on the market, particularly as many of the full coverage products are not always as user friendly as lighter coverage counterparts! So I was pleasantly surprised by this KVD Concealer, although there are a couple of provisos! 

First things first. I bought this concealer at the actual Kat Von D counter in Debenhams at Lakeside Shopping Centre, there aren’t many KVD counters in the UK yet, and I do think that some products really need to be seen in the flesh! Especially as I usually buy the palest option when I buy foundation or Concealer online, but KVD actually make shades which go down to white! So you see why I felt it necessary to visit a counter. 

The counter is right at the front of the store, and was well staffed. I asked one of the artists which shade would be best for me, and I was advised to get L3 Warm, as this would give me a slight highlight, which is what I wanted. I asked for the Loose Powder in the Translucent shade too, but they were out of stock. 

The packaging is everything you’d expect from KVD, sleek, black and with Kat’s signature gothic emblem. 

On to the product. My two favourites are Tarte Shape Tape and Urban Decays Naked Concealer, and they both have a thinner texture, they both deliver great coverage but the texture is much that of creamy liquid. The KVD Lock-it has a more dense, thicker consistency, so if you usually apply your concealer in a triangle under your eyes, the KVD one you have to ‘dot’ rather than sweep. I then just buff/tap it to blend, using a damp Beauty Blender. Now this is the clever bit, despite the fact that the consistency is different the other wand concealers, it blends out beautifully, but you do have to blend a bit more because it’s a denser texture. I think this does have better coverage than its counterparts, also, because it really is FULL coverage, you don’t need a colour correcting product as well. And it doesn’t crease or lose any of the impact throughout the day, (this may just happen to me, but I look in the mirror at 3pm, and sometimes those dark circles are back!). Obviously,  I always set my concealer after applying it. My ride or die Setting powder is NYX HD Finishing Powder in the Banana shade. I think this could become my new holy grail concealer, it really did look great, it covered and stayed on. My only reservation is that I think the Tarte Shape Tape, is easier to use on a day to day basis, it’s much quicker to blend and I like that it feels very refreshing, and it still has great coverage. For nights out, I will definitely use the KVD concealer, it has fantastic coverage, looks absolutely flawless and stays on no matter what. Who am I kidding, I will probably end up using this everyday because it does give a gorgeous finish, and does everything you need it to!!! 

I got L3 Warm, see my shade comparison below! It looks a lot ‘warmer’ than the other shades I use, but on my face it works beautifully! 

The ‘deets’

Lock-It Concealer is available in whopping 21 shades!

It costs £20 for 6.25g

It’s available on Debenhams website, there are counters in the Oxford Street store and also Lakeside. 

I give this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ it’s awesome!!!

Thanks for reading! Mo x


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