February Review

Another month of marvellous makeup! I thought I’d been quite good this month, that I hadn’t bought much, however when I looked over my Instagram, it turned out I’ve purchased quite a bit (again!). 


First up is a repurchase, I have a lot of foundation, and I should probably try to use them up before buying more. But it’s my ride or die foundation, my most favourite one in the whole world ever, and I needed it back in my life!!

Urban Decay Allnighter is my holy grail, it’s one of those products that always makes you feel better. It’s lightweight but has awesome coverage, and it stays put no matter what you do. I use shade 2.0, and that’s perfect for my skin tone. And don’t even get me started on that packaging!!

Allnighter comes in 24 shades, 30ml for £29.

L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation I have already reviewed on my previous blog post, it comes in 7 shades, 30ml for £9.99 but it’s often on promotion. 

NYX HD Finishing Powder in shade Banana is another repurchase, I think this is my fifth one of these! This is a gorgeous powder, I use it to set my under eye concealer and anywhere else I want a matte highlight. It’s finely milled and silky to the touch, although I have the banana shade, which has some colour correcting properties, I find its good to use anywhere that you want to brighten. 

It’s available in 3 shades, mint green (corrects redness), banana (corrects dark circles, brightens) and translucent. £9 for 8g available at Boots and NYX UK website. 

Another repurchase, the amazing NYX Matte Finish Spray! This stuff really does make a difference, it helps the longevity of the makeup on your face, and controls oil! When I remove my makeup at night, I can feel the makeup wipe really battling against it! And yes,  I know we’re not supposed to use wipes, but I wear a LOT of makeup, and wipes are my first step in a 3-step cleanse! They also make a dewy version if mattes not your thing. £7 each for 60 ml. 


I think MUA Cosmetics make great highlighters with a tiny price tag, and their latest batch of new shades didn’t disappoint! 

Pearlescent Sheen and Ice Sparkle are my favourites, just because they are unusual and incredibly pretty, but Opalescent Amber and Peach Diamond are also lovely. These are well worth buying, particularly if you are looking for unique highlighters, or if you just need them for nights out and wouldn’t use them every day. Either way they won’t break the bank! 

MUA Cosmetics Undress Your Skin Highlighters are available from their UK website, they come in 10 shades. £3 for 7.5g

Another MUA Cosmetics purchase, are these fantastic Shimmer Sheets. They work in the same way as oil blotting Sheets, but instead of absorbing oil, these distribute Highlighter on to the cheek bones and any where else you want to glow! I think these would be great to have in your clutch bag on a night out, I’m always dropping my bag, and highlighters always smash as they seem to be really fragile (Champagne Pop anyone!). 

Available in 2 shades on the MUA Cosmetics website, £3 for a 40 sheet pack. 

This next product falls into three different categories, but as it has ‘contour’ in its title, we’ll discuss it here. NYX Cosmetics Live Contours All Palette contains 2 Contour powders, 2 highlighters, 2 brow powders, and 9 eyeshadows, All for £20! This is a great palette for traveling as it has pretty much everything in it, I will do a full review of this separately as it’s a lot of product! 


Lots of NYX products this month! I have been blown away by the beauty of their Pigments, these multi purpose pots of colour are amazing! I have the shade Venetian, which is a deep rusty, coppery Bronze, with a metallic sheen. I also got Vegas Baby, a very glittery Champagne colour, full of impact! A word to the wise though, invest in NYX’s Glitter Primer, it will really adhere the Pigment to your skin (particularly the eyelids), and give the colour much more density. These swatches were done without Primer, just bare Pigment!

Pigments are available in 24 shades, £5.50 each. Glitter Primer is £8. 

NYX Ultimate Shadows Palette in Warm Neutrals. Oh my gosh you guys, this palette is gorgeous! Full of beautiful warm toned rusts and browns, transition colours and highlights. It blends beautifully and has good pigmentation. It a good all rounder! 

There are 4 different palettes to choose from, each contains 16 Shadows, and costs £16. 

Next NYX product is a Prismatic Eyeshadow Single, in the shade Fireball. I have been looking for this shade for a while as it’s often out of stock, and it is stunning! All of the Prismatics have a colour ‘shift’, so Fireball is a ‘Rusty orange with red opalescence’. There are 24 shades in the Prismatic range, 12 of which have just been launched. To make the colour even more intense, dampen a flat shader brush with Setting spray to apply the eyeshadow, it will really make the colour pop! They cost £5.50 each. 

Last of my NYX eye purchases, is the Micro Brow Pencil in shade Taupe. This is another of my ride or die products, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve repurchased it. It comes in 8 shades and cost £8. Great product, great shade, great price. What more is there to say! 

All available from Boots and NYX UK website. 

My last eye product is something that insta made me buy, although I do I absolutely bloody love it, and I’m gonna get more shades! Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow  (try saying that after a couple of Gins!), are beyond fabulous! I got the shade Gold Goddess, as pretty much all the others were sold out. It’s basically a liquid Eyeshadow packed full of glitter, it dries and really doesn’t move or fallout, and it’s totally mess-free to apply! There are currently 8 shades available on the UK website, however in the States they have just launched 3 new duo chrome versions, which look amazing. They cost £23 each, and are available from Stila website, Cult Beauty, M&S and Very.


I really love the Liquid Suede range from NYX, so I was very excited to see they have launched a collection of matching Suede Matte Lip Liners. There are also some additional shades that match   the Soft Matte Lip Creams, London, Copenhagen and Stockholm to name a few. These are soft to apply and have Matte finish. I got the shades Brooklyn Thorn (my favourite Liquid Suede), Stone Fox and Vintage. The Liners are £4 each. 

My next lip product is also from NYX, but is not yet available in the UK, Lip Of The Day Liquid Liners are really unique, they are fantastic for the current Lip art trend all over the internet! I have 2 shades, Gem and Python. Gem is a metallic fleshy pink, and Python is a olive, old gold shade. The applicator is similar to that of the Vivid Brights Liner, so its super precise! They come in 10 shades and are $7 each. 


Lots of new brushes this month! Largely because I visited Pro Beauty Show at the Excel and got a bit carried away! 

I have the white Marble Eye Set from Spectrum Brushes, which I love, so I added to this with the Siren Smoke Collection. This consists of 7 brushes, a mix of eye and lip. I also bought the Rainbow Fan Brush, although I won’t use this, it’s too pretty! 

I got 4 Crown Brushes, although 2 of them are spares for ones I already have. The C441 is a fantastic crease blending brush and the C515 is a pencil brush, great for precision work and applying smokey eyeshadow under the lower lash line. New to me is the C511 Pro Blending Fluff brush, although I have 2 Morphe ones which are very similar, and finally the C470 Flat Eyeliner Brush, I’m actually going to use this with Concealer to define my eyebrows though! 

Lastly, the NYX 05 Contour Brush, I’ve had my eye on this brush for a while, it’s the perfect contour brush! I may have to retire my Nars Ita brush!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this months review!! Roll on March, more makeup launches and hopefully some Spring weather! Mo x


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