January Review

I haven’t posted in over three weeks as I’ve been so busy. But now I have returned, with my monthly roundup of any recently purchased makeup! You know the drill, grab a cup of tea (or wine/gin) and make yourself comfy! 

January’s such a long month, and let’s face it, we’re all pretty skint. As it happens, most of the spring makeup launches happen in February and March, so not a lot of newness in January that we can’t afford to make us even more depressed. If that made sense?! 


My most exciting purchase of the month was the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I’ve wanted to try this for so long, and it’s not readily available in the UK, so I ordered it directly from their website. As my previous blog post is about this product, I won’t say much more, except that this is a fantastic concealer, and everyone needs it. Period. 

I think it’s fairly well known, if you follow my instagram, my love of the brand NYX. So I had to buy the #No Filter Finishing Powder. I got shade 2 Porcelain. This is satiny, finely milled powder, it has an ingredient which allows it move and stretch when on the skin, so it never creases or settles in fine lines. Also if you spray a fixing spray on your brush and then apply the powder, it gives a flawless finish. Well worth the £11 price tag. 

This next one is a repurchase, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is a bit of a blogger fave, but if you are looking for a decent and very inexpensive powder, this is for you. It does mattify and I find it’s pretty lightweight on the skin, some Matte powders can be a bit on the cakey side but I haven’t found that an issue with this. I use shade 003 Peach Glow, it doesn’t have a great shade range, there are just six shades available. Price is £3.99. 


So my other big purchase from Tarte was the Tarteist Contour Palette Volume III. I really didn’t need a Contour Palette but it looked so gorgeous, and as it was free international shipping for orders over $49, so how could I resist? The actual palette is stunning, it blends well, the powders are silky, and I love the highlighters. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, it has real dressing table appeal. It may be just me, but I think it really smells of chocolate too! 

Lots of glow again this month! First up is a product I wanted when it was launched the first time, but I wasn’t decisive enough (I put it in my shopping cart but didn’t commit to purchase, then it sold out). I wasn’t going to miss it this time though. Charlotte Tilbury’s Bar of Gold is a highlighting legend, it’s the stuff sumptuous, golden dreams are made of. It really is gold, no overtones or undertones, just gold. Whilst I love the actual product, I wasn’t so blown away by the packaging. Yes I  know it’s superficial and frivolous, but I think if you are paying for a premium product, there are certain things you expect, and a golden flip top box (no outer packaging), is not quite the standard of Charlotte Tilbury, particularly if you compare it to the Filmstar Bronze and Glow which has amazing packaging! The Bar of Gold is £32 and is available on their website.

I happened to find myself on Oxford Street with a bit of time to kill, so I ventured into Debenhams and discovered they had the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette. As it was so damn cute I bought one, I do think it’s a bit expensive at £34, but it does contain three shades. The packaging is adorable, and the product is super sweet too! 

Next are some new highlighters from über budget brand MUA Cosmetics. I’m very fond of their highlighters, partly because they are really pretty, glowy and extremely well pigmented, and also because at £3 each, they are accessible for everyone. I ordered three new shades from the Superdrug website, as they were not available in store. Rosewood Glimmer is beautiful but on my skin tone it only works as a blush topper. Golden Afterglow is also a bit too intense for my winter skin, but I think I could definitely work it in the summer! Golden Scintillation is a fabulous highlighter, it gives an amazing golden glow. MUA Cosmetics Undress Your Skin Highlighters are available on the Superdrug website and are £3 each.

I also got some of the new Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighters. I got the Baked Matte Highlighter in the shade Matte Lights, it’s a bit of a strange one, it’s ok for brightening under the eyes, but for me it doesn’t do much as a highlighter, I have used it in the same way I use MACs Emphasise Shaping powder, to set my under eye concealer.

The Strobe Powders create a glowy sheen to the skin, Rejuvenate and Gold Addict are both too dark for my skin tone, but they are beautiful Powders and I will find uses for them, plus it’s good to have a wide variety of highlighters in your kit. The ‘highlight’ of the new MUR Strobe Highlighters is without doubt, Flash!!! Oh my glow, this is a fantastic highlighter, it has a holographic, ethereal effect, it’s looks on photos, like a standard white Shimmering Highlight but it has this incredible ‘shift’ where it gives a mint green glow! Outstanding Makeup Revolution! Also £3 from Superdrug. 

Lastly I bought this Reiss Illuminating Bronzer in the past Christmas sale at Boots, I’ll be honest I got this because it looked really pretty. It has a marble effect, and the actual Compact is a big chunky square of Perspex! Otherwise it’s a fairly standard Bronzer, it’s a little on the orange side for me but is decent quality. Half price it was £6.


Soap & Glory’s Supercat Liner has been a firm favourite since I first purchased it. When I went to repurchase it, I picked up the Skinny Super Cat Liner. There’s not a great deal of difference between the skinny and original as far as I can tell, they are both easy to use, precise, give a sharp flick and have a good consistent flow of liquid through the tip (this is really important, it’s so annoying when it dries up mid-eye!). I really recommend this product for anyone who struggles with liquid eyeliner, it’s so user friendly! £6 at  Boots.

I have been seeking NYX Cosmetics Fireball Prismatic Eyeshadow forever. So imagine my joy when it was back in stock! This is a really unique shade, as are all of the Prismatic Eyeshadows. £5 each from Boots. 


I’m not massively into skincare, I believe that I’m a ‘skincare sceptic’, but now again I make a few random purchases in a futile bid to improve my skin. 

I got a couple of Tony Moly items from TK Maxx, Pandas Dream is supposed to improve and brighten the undereye area, I’ve been using it daily and although I’m not sure that it’s brightening the area, it does feel nice and hydrating so I will persevere and see if there are any improvements over time. Pocket Bunny Moist Mist is super cute but I don’t feel that it does much for me, having said that, my daughter is obsessed with it! She has quite dry skin and it does seem to be helping with the dry patches around her nose. 

Garnier Micellar Gel Wash I have been using with my Tarte Scrublet, I really like both of the these products, especially the Scrublet, it leaves my face so smooth! Garnier Gel Wash is currently on offer in Boots at £2.66 and the Tarte Scrublet is £6 on the Tarte website. 

So concludes this months roundup, thanks for reading! Mo x


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