First impressions: Marc Jacobs Air Blush 

I was lucky enough to receive more Marc Jacobs makeup this Christmas, I already had the Re(Marc)able Foundation and Coconut Primer, plus a couple of other pieces I hadn’t tried. 

So first up is the Airbrush Blush. Now, before I mention anything else, the first thing that hits you is the sheer size of it. The blush itself is 8g, MACs are 6g, so you get quite a good amount of product. The actual Compact is a sleek, black, tablet shape. It’s a very ‘handbag-worthy’ piece, something you’d want to pull out in public! It looks elegant and expensive, which is fortunate because it’s not a cheap product, at £28 it’s certainly up there with the it’s high end contemporaries. 

I have the shade Flesh and Fantasy, which is very different to any other blush that I own. The blush has a two-tone stripe effect to it, a dark blush shade called Goddess Bronze and a buff shade, Ivory Shimmer. Mixed together they produce a very natural flush to the skin. I really like this shade as I’m not over keen on traditional blush colours, so pinks and oranges are definitely are not really my thing, I’ve tended to opt for coral based blushes, but even those I’m not over fond of. 

I really like the formulation of the blush, the pigmentation is even and it applies well. 

I think for blusherphobics like myself, this is a great shade. 

I give this product ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thanks for reading makeup lovers!!! Mo x


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