Master Palette by Mario-First Impressions 

When a ‘sneak peak’ of this palette first appeared on instagram, I knew it would be a fabulous product! A collaboration between makeup goddess Anastasia Beverly Hills and Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashians makeup artist. Anyone whose seen Mario’s Masterclass will know this man is a genius with a makeup brush. Did anyone really Contour before we saw him do it on Kim? The guy is a legend, and any product he endorses immediately becomes a hit sell out. So a palettte created between these two makeup giants was always going to be extraordinary!

The Palette is not available on any of the British online stockists of Anastasia products. So I ventured on to Sephora’s website, as it was sold out on the Anastasia website too. Sephora still had them, so I quickly added it to my basket, we all know that adrenaline surge that happens when you track down a product you thought you’d missed! 

When I get a new palette, I tend not to use it to start with. Obviously, as a blogger, you take loads of photos of it, but I like to have time to ‘play’ with it. So the first time I use it, I like to have a good amount of time to experiment with the shades. I was a little disappointed that there isn’t a base shade, that I can sweep over the entire lid, something like Soft Peach from the World Traveller Palette. But it’s a minor issue, and is probably specific to me! 

On my first application, I used Hollywood (see first photo for shades) under my brow and on my upper lid, Isabel was my crease shade with Lula and Violetta to intensify. I used Claudia in my outer corner and smudged along my upper and lower lash lines, with Violeta to add warmth. 5th Avenue is an amazing shade, I used this on the centre of my lower lid, it really pops!!! 

So to summarise, this is a beautiful palette, I give it a whopping ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I got mine from Sephora, but I believe it’s sold out currently.

Thanks for reading, Mo x


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