So this week I made and received my first order from Sephora. I can remember there being a Sephora store in Bluewater, quite a long time ago. I loved going there, and I really hope they return to the UK. 

I placed my order online, on the American site, I also joined their loyalty scheme, but a lot of the benefits, are really only beneficial if you are in the states, however if you reach VIB level, you get to take advantage of the 20% off events. 

One of the issues with shopping online from out of the UK, is shipping and taxes. Sephora offer $6 shipping for orders over $75, and you pay the taxes at the point of purchase, so no nasty surprises when it arrives here. Also as DHL is the courier, no Royal Mail handling fee, currently £8, and incredibly annoying when you’ve already paid shipping, then taxes. 

I made my order on the 7th, and it arrived on 13th, which is pretty good, and they keep you well informed about the progress of your order, from confirmation, to dispatch and then on to delivery. Not bad for $6! 

VIB rouge status here I come!!

Thanks for reading, Mo X


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