Kylie Jenner Kyshadow Palette

I’ll be honest, way back when the original Lipkit frenzy began, I was really sceptical. Another way for the Kardashian/Jenner machine to generate yet more cash, and celebrity endorsements and collaborations have never particularly appealed to me. I always think the celebrity involved has probably had little or no input into product anyway, and it’s just a  way of brands charging a little more for something.

However, Kylie Cosmetics is not a collaboration, it’s her own brand, and whilst I’m still mildly sceptical, I have been pleasantly surprised by the products themselves. I have DolceK Lipkit and couple of the birthday pieces, but my most recent purchase, is the Kyshadow Palette. It wasn’t cheap, with the shipping and customs duty, and although my other items have all arrived pretty quickly this took a while to arrive.

So to the palette, all the shades are beautiful autumnal colours, the individual pans are just slightly smaller than MACs, (1.4g in the palette, MACs individual pans are 1.5g). There are 9 shades, 7 are matte, Quartz and Goldstone have a slight shimmer to them. They all blend out beautifully, I have used all the shades and they are all equally well pigmented. 

 The packaging is really unusual, the palette is glossy white, with eyes crying rose gold tears. As always, it was well packaged to make the trip from the States, it also comes with the 3D postcard inside. 

So, in summary:-

-9 shades 1.4g each

-Palette costs $42.00 plus $14.95     shipping, in Uk that’s £42.39.

-VAT £6.38 plus a handling charge by Royal Mail of £8.00. 

So it works out as quite an expensive purchase, almost £57. Obviously that’s mainly due to shipping and tax. However, I do love this palette, the shades are beautiful, and I think it’s worth the money and the hype. 

I give this product  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 


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