Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation-first impressions!

I’m always excited when a new foundation appears on the market! So when I saw this Rimmel foundation I knew it would be coming home with me! 

The first very obvious thing about this product, is that unlike most foundations, it comes in a jar, like a moisturising cream. I much prefer a bottle with a pump, it’s less messy and more hygienic, as the product isn’t being exposed. 

The foundation once opened, has quite a strong fragrance, it’s very pleasant and ‘fresh’ smelling, but it is fairly strong. However, once I had applied it to my face, I didn’t really notice it anymore.

It has a very creamy texture, it didn’t apply at all well with a buffing brush, it worked best with a Beauty Blender, which gave a nice even finish. Considering it’s a foundation offering a shine free finish, it had a moisturising feel to it, unlike many matte foundations which feel very drying. I applied it 8 hours ago, and it’s still looks fine, it hasn’t broken up on my oily areas nor is it exaggerating any dry patches.

To summarise:-

Comes in 6 shades


Breathable and doesn’t clog pores

Natural, shine free finish

Available at Boots and Superdrug

£5.99 (I believe it will be £7.49, I purchased it on an offer)

As a first impression, I give this product 3.5 out of 5, I don’t like that it’s in a jar, or that it has a strong fragrance, however it performed pretty well.😃


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