Sleek Colour Corrector Palette

This week I have been trying out some colour correction products, I have bought mostly drugstore brands as it’s not something I feel I need to use all the time.

Colour correction has been around for a long time, I remember a green base makeup from No.7 many years ago, it was to disguise redness from thread veins or rosacea, it was designed for specific skin issues. The masses of colour correction products that have burst on to the market recently, seem to be suggesting that we all should be using them as part of our daily makeup routines, but I honestly think that most people probably don’t really need them.

Having said all that, I did buy this palette, I like Sleek makeup and I was intrigued by this product, particularly as it has a blue shade in it!

So, I tried the green around my nose and on a pinky birth mark on my forehead, the yellow under my eyes, and the Rose shade on my cheeks, I applied it after my primer but before anything else. I then applied foundation, and the rest of my face as I normally would. Usually I can still see my birthmark but that had completely disappeared, the redness around my nose likewise. I’m not sure the under eye shade made much difference, but it didn’t feel heavy or cause creasing even with foundation, concealer and setting powder on top! The pink shade did even out my cheeks a little more but it’s not something I would do every day. 

Lastly to that mysterious blue shade, it claims to neutralise orange, ideal for concealing freckles. Now, I’m not especially freckly but my daughter is, so I tried it out on her cheeks, we applied the blue shade with foundation on top (all in the name of science!), they were definately much less visible than with just foundation alone. 

So in summary, if you fancy experimenting with colour correction this is a great palette, but I do think unless you have a specific skin issue, you probably don’t need it. It costs £7.99 from Superdrug and Boots. 

Side note, my daughter was a willing participant in this experiment, she and we love her freckles!!!! Just sayin’.😃


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