Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

First impressions of this lovely new concealer. 

I ordered it online via Debenhams, so I hadn’t seen the shades available ‘in the flesh’ as it were. I ordered Very Fair, thinking this was probably similar to Urban Decay’s Fair Neautral, its actually just a shade or two deeper. 

It does make my under eye appear less crinkly, this is probably due to some of the fantastic ingredients it contains, Coconut Water to replenish moisture, Alpine Rose to brighten and boost radiance and Hyaluronic Acid for a more youthful appearance. 

It also gives a good amount of coverage, it easily compares to Prolongwear or MakeupForever. 

You get 7ml for £20, so similar price to other Concealers in its class.

So, to summarise, I really like this concealer, however, I prefer the shade of the Urban Decay one, and also I love the sponge applicator on the UD concealer, the Too Faced has one too but it’s somehow harder and doesn’t distribute the product as well. I know it’s a small point, but it makes a big difference for me. 


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