Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick


I was very intrigued by this new Cushion Stick Foundation from Estée Lauder, I liked the idea of a product that came with it’s own applicator attached. I have never been a fan of the brand, I think people of my generation tend to believe it’s an ‘old lady’ brand, something they’re obviously working hard to dispel, it’s notable the new face of their ad campaign, is Kendall Jenner.

Benefits:-Sheer to medium coverage, but buildable, liquid makeup and pro tool in one, 8 hour wear, radiant finish.

From Estée Lauder website, “Touch on, buff and blend to your perfect nude”.

It’s quite expensive compared to the regular Double Wear, £28 for 14ml of product, as opposed to £30 for 30ml, so it’s fair to say  that you are paying for the unique application method.

I have been using it for about a week now, the foundation Does exactly what it claims, gives a nice radiant finish, and has medium coverage. It does last about 8 hours, although by then I had a seriously shiny nose! However, the thing I was disappointed with was the actual cushion, I followed the instructions inside the box, I dotted the product onto my face but found the buffing part was quite lengthy, and didn’t distribute the foundation very evenly, it was as if the cushion was too hard. In the end I still had to use a buffing brush to get an even finish.

I will persevere with it but, I think for the price I would rather have the original. image


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