Unicorn hair or blue rinse?


Over the past year I have purchased a number of Bleach London hair products, all of which, have been great. I have the silver shampoo and conditioner, brilliant for neutralising yellow tones, and also for giving hair that gorgeous silver hue. I also have the Rose and Awkward Peach hair colours, they wash out gradually and are good for trying out a new look, I tend to just colour the lengths of my hair, rather than my whole head.

My question though, is this, at what point does it start to look less like unicorn hair and more like Mrs Slocombes do? Is it acceptable to have pastel hair when attending parents evening? Or seeing the bank manager? Or if you are perhaps, not as young as you used to be?

Personally, I’ll probably keep just dyeing it for holidays and when I don’t have to be a responsible adult! Not that either of those things happen very often!

Images from Pinterest.


3 thoughts on “Unicorn hair or blue rinse?

  1. personally I love when people have brightly coloured or pastel dyed hair no matter what age they are
    I think hair colours are one of those things that shouldn’t be linked with maturity or professionalism
    I hope I still have fun coloured hair for as long as I hair hair haha

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